Poll - Are you switching to EU West Servers?

It’s pretty easy:

  1. Founders are not moving. It would be pretty stupid to move and loose money and all items aquired
  2. People who have spent money on the shop won’t move. Same reason as #1
  3. F2P players who play with Founders won’t move to/play on EUW as Founders won’t be moving.
  4. Only new players, without any kind of attachments to EU Central, will be playing on EUW.

The only way I see people moving, it’s with a whole account transfer. There’s no other way around it.

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I agree with most people here.

If they want X% of people to move to the new region they NEED to give the community enough incentive for that X% amount of people to move.

Absolutely NO.

Poll results are pretty much in line with expectations.

The new servers are primarily for new players who come along and want to play, and for a small portion of existing players who are willing to move to dodge queues in the short term. Really it’s better for most players to stay put, white knuckle the queues for another 3-4 weeks until the rush dies down, and then play normally.

Why do new players never get considered? I want to play the game but unable to sue to queues so I am waiting for eu west alongside some friends.

When the servers start showing up we will soon see how busy they become

It depends on the person if it is stupid to move as a founder. I have purchase the Plat pack and while I have been able to play a lot thanks to joining queues while working in home office, full home office will soon end for my company.
So now I face the decision to either hope that queues go down to about 3000 people on main servers with the new region and make it playable even when coming home at 6 pm or I will change the region and hope that there I can play without any big queue times or no queue times at all.

Currently I would say I spent about 10 hours in the queue for the last 9 days when joining the game queue as early as 1 pm to avoid big queues on Thirain. If I would have joined at 6 pm my queue time each day would easily be 3-4 hours atm. So in two weeks while avoiding the queue times I would have made back the progress lost by changing, by simply not having to wait in queue before playing and after this I will have more play time then staying on Thirain.
So as long term solution changing the region is a lot more appealing to me then to hope for a magical fix of queue times on Thirain.

hi, I’m the op of the linked thread in the original post. I play on Thirain, at this point I’d change region if I could reclaim my FULL founders pack and Twitch drops on the new region.

So, if we can trust the poll, around 80% users won’t switch. Well, I guess that we will continue to have long queues

It’s because you loose too much for moving. People are going to be stubborn and wait for population decline.

Ping difference is to high for me to even consider moving to the west. Ireland… seriously? Why not Iceland! Big Brain Moment here.

Can’t use your link.


Can you use https://www.strawpoll.me/ ?

EDIT: I guess it’s working for others…

Anyway, no.

The only way I’d move is if my character came with me. I don’t understand why they just don’t offer a server transfer for your character. Personally I’m going to wait for population decline, it’s bound to happen at some point.

Nah to invested into central. 160 houers(20 houer que). i would do it ASAP if i can transfer my character. the eu starter pack is not worth it for me

I was first against switch server as I LOVE Mokoko server, so friendly ppl.
But the waiting que killed it for me 1 up to 4h que depending on when one log on, for me that creat stress, I’m ok with 15-20min que.
So I switch to EU West, also friendly players, calm and no que…
#MOKOKOFOREVERINMYHEART (miss you all mokoko crazy players) :heart_eyes:

Where do see where servers are located? Im from Dusseldorf Germany close to Netherlands border would ping be better for me on Central or West?

Problem is me and my friend just cant play the game on the moment in Central/Sceptrum we cant get into any instanced content without sitting in place and que spamming for 20/30min for EVERY run of something we do its just unbearable but if we leave all our stuff behind wont we get the same problem if EU West gets more populated as well?

And im talking about matchmaking que I wouldnt even mind sitting in a login que as long as abyss/chaos all that stuff works with an party… But I feel not many are 50 on west so its hard to judge…

I checked the IP and: EU West location is Dublin, Ireland and EU Central location is Frankfurt, Germany. For me personally moving to EU West is very risky. End game is about cross server content. I’m afraid of the population decline in the long run on the West and in Lost Ark in general. There’s one more thing. Most of the people are going to Moonkeep and it’s the most populated server now on West because it’s considered the main english speaking server. This may lead to another round of queue issiues but I doubt the influx of players on West will be high enough. It’ll die out as soon as there are other big games around like Elden Ring in few days. Remember that they can’t or don’t know how to merge regions so if you go there you’re gambling. It would be better to go to NA East, like I did when I was getting an error (Cannot connect to server due to heavy traffic [10027]) and couldn’t join any queue at all. Seriously it’s better alternative than Eu West. Here and here you have high ping (i have 110 on NA East from Stettin, Poland so for you it would’ve been a similar experience). Community is great there. It’s stable and really populated. No chat wars etc. Like I said I’m not a gambler and I don’t like half measures so still NA East is more appealing to me. So to sum all of this up: wait and see what happens or do like I did. O/

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