[Poll] Did you RMT?



I can’t wait what the result will yield and hope people are honest ^^

People posting 1490 screenshots, saying they are f2p players, so what do you expect ?


The most pointless poll I’ve seen on this forum.

The amount of people who did RMT is already disgusting

Remember, both options are rmt.

I only buy skins. Yes even if they’re available for Blues.

everyone will absolutely take this poll seriously and answer fairly.

This has cheered my morning up for sure

I believe people are answering honestly to the poll, go check the results.

25% of whales was my estimate…

Of course whales vary in size, some are small and others are huge…:slight_smile:

Dumn question, what means RMT? :joy:

real money trade aka gold buying

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Trolling for one side is just as tempting as trolling for the other. Also some would vote they did out some distorted sense of justice.

There’s nothing to be gained here…

real monkey training

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Rmt stands for Read my Toystory fanfiction right?

We current bot status, sure we will :rofl: :rofl:

To be fair, bots are advertizing in game gold for a very low price so not many players are buying from them or they would increase the price…

It’s to stay competitive.

It’s like how people keep undercutting on the AH