[POLL] Do you agree to disabling mailing of gold, and restrict items from selling for over x% of average price

From what I’ve read and gather from people’s ideas, this seems like a solution that could significantly slow down the operations of bots. What do you guys think.

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I’ve sunk 1000 hours in to the game
Never mailed or received gold via the mail

Streamers would be butt mad that they can’t get free gold from their simps tho


It depends on what X is to be honest. Just because for non-honing materials it’d be easy to crash the market if people wanted.

Mailing probably wouldn’t have that many issues though. Can you even mail people on different servers, I’ve never looked into the whole bus thing much.

I’d be absolutely fine with disabling gold mailing to other players. There is still the problem of the auction house but it still heavily limits RMT activities.

I like having the ability to share resources amongst my friends. I support this as a temporary measure while they figure out a more permanent solution, but my concern is that it would become the lazy-fix-that-sticks.
I think a nice compromise would be using this with a time-gated system that allows trading. For example, being in the same guild with another person for a month. Or maybe roster friends for a month.

Maybe require a special version of crystalline aura to mail/trade things. This version of crystalline aura will NOT be purchasable by in-game currency and it has all the same benefits as the old crystalline, except it allows mailing/trading

I assume most people who still play this game won’t mind paying 10 bucks a month for a clean(er) environment on top of all the crystalline aura benefits. Or you can just play solo and don’t mail/trade things until you decide to pay

No it wouldn’t change anything because they will just use the auction house.

They don’t use mail coz AGS track that. Even normal players are banned if they send too much gold by mail…

Nop you can’t

I agree, i never send gold by mail btw, and i don’t sell stuff over the price at all.

if avarge is 1g we may have a problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In BDO the price in the market is that you can do trades from price range xx to zz amount and when a lot of things are sold for the highest or lowest prices the price range go up or down (lower than 1 they can’t go), i think this would be a good solution for reducing gold selling over the market

it’s way too late for average price , should be at the start of the game or it’s pointless.

only people thats gonna have problem with that beside bots are begging streamers.

Grouping these together is not good. There are legitimate transactions that actually go through at high amounts. Mailing and COD mailing of gold on the other hand is a big nono, it never should have existed for player to player. There’s still in-person trading which is fine.

Nah, there’s a video of asmon just getting swarmed by groupies all opening trade windows with him. Stopping people from mailing him wouldn’t stop anything there.

ok not begging then but donated andy

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that’s why he said " restrict items from selling for over x% of average price"
they would ask the buy to list some trashy item for a very high price then they would buy it from him

I’m not sure why you were commenting on my thoughts for mail instead of my opinion for the AH, unless you’re saying that in regards to bussing people.