[Poll] How do you think the bot situation should be solved?

Im curious how the players think this problem could be fixed and made a poll , pls vote what you think would be the best solution.
are you willing to verify your phone NR or even ID with the game to get rid of bots?

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Voted other. Implement Steam Support :: Limited User Accounts.
For new Lost Ark accounts, require a non-limited steam account.

If nothing else, at least valve will get a fat cut of botting profits and we might see Half-Life 3 before World War 3.

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My vote are - Verification (ex. Phone, ID) to be able to play
So fed up with the bots

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My vote - Ezy algorithm to ban bots = Ban all char which move faster than normal and TP

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its not that easy since a lot of players have lag , you wont see it ingame due to lagcompensation but for the server it will look like they are teleporting

Pretty sure the teleporting bots don’t use lag to tp around

I have stumbled upon a discord where they glorify macro for farming infinite chaos dungeons.

I see pics from farmers that used it for 8-12 hours with a lot of resources but i don’t know where to report it and if smth can be done about the payers using it

Any advice?

2FA wouldn’t solve the bot problem, but it would help.

No mercy for offenders would also help.

I also think that changing the report system and making it easier to report bots would help.

For example, if an account gets blocked by 5 players within 10 minutes their account instantly becomes muted and unable to transfer any resources until it’s reviewed by staff. That way bots would actually get banned by reports.

Some kind of level restrictions for trading and spamming in area chat also need to be implemented. Sure, there are bots in T3 chaos dungeons, but 95% of them are still in low level areas.

Yea, they did it in New World and it ruined PvP totally, where guild can simply ban player.

I am all for verification. I don’t mind to give them my ID or number. I am sure Amazon, Facebook etc already have my information in one or another way and i really don’t care. I don’t have something to hide :slight_smile:

The 5 reports in 10 minutes would not work. Why? because people would abuse it to ban random people around the world. This is already an issue where people are getting banned or unable to play pvp after strongly winning against the enemy team and getting reported for “cheating”.

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Ye I love PvP. Literally spend hours learning each class and now I’m deleting everybody lol.
Prob gonna get a bann after first week of rankeds XDD

runescape has a random event system every 30 min where you have to do an activity that requires human attention or else you are stuck in a room and can’t progress. takes 1-2 min and gives rewards at the end. Would help. Also making fishing harder.

This new thingie on Steam Steam Support :: Limited User Accounts doesn’t work so good as they hope for. Still lots of goldseller and bots zipping around so quick one can’t click on them to report…/sigh