Poll if the players want a nerf

Since here again and again on individual people is listened I thought me, if we already live in a democratic world can we also simply times over a majority decision rules let, and created a survey.

EDIT: had to change the poll page seems like strawpoll.me has issues since january

Even if now a part of the causal playerbase (which probably won’t be there after some weeks)
Absolutely wants to have a nerf. Then please make them their own server / region on (Easymode Region)

What’s the point of always giving in to a handful of people and then pissing off the rest of the people?

With other games like Darksouls or similar (which are also really hard) people just decide against the game and say “Ok the game is not for me it’s just too hard”.

So please think about your spontaneous actions for a while before you always directly patched something.


OK guys, you try to stay nice and factual, but as I thought more and more trolls come to it.

I also keep hearing the comparisons with World of Warcraft “but I also played wow for 15 years and it was not like this”.

What I can not understand, there were in WoW massive people who voluntarily are not raided, because it was too hard for them and they had no desire.

In Lost ark suddenly everyone wants to Raiden and does not see if he does not make it or can. Because it is demanding.

But what people don’t seem to understand is YOU DON’T NEED RAIDS OR GUARDIANS to get higher. It just takes you longer to reach a higher level.

Nevertheless, it seems that everyone wants to do it.

Not everyone plays FIFA … or Counterstrike.

Should I start demanding that they make aiming easier?

Can you just leave the game as it is and be satisfied OR admit to yourself “OK the game is not for me I prefer to play something else”.

I mean people prefer to admit to themselves that they are not good enough to play the game and want to change it on a dime.


its not about a poll, its about stats.


what do u mean?

devs said only 10% manage to pass those content, mean 90% are stuck which is the majority. So nerf is needed.


ah, well but what do they expect after 3 weeks in which you effectively could not play? Especially in the EU, almost no one could run Guardians at all, because the group search constantly did not work.

I think it’s absolutely not good if you constantly throw everything over the pile at such short notice, they should wait another 2-3 months and see how it looks then.

no the game can be frustrating a lot sometimes, like achates etc.


Why should this game be nerfed when its concept and difficulty setting are already working since years. It is still actively played in Korea despite the difficulty and found its “fanbase”.
In a certain way it was obvious (pre-programmed) that the game would attract a large base of new players in EU/NA because the game was hyped and F2P but now some of those people are realizing that the game is harder than they wished for. They are unhappy with that fact they and want the game to their desire instead of looking for another game that fits their desires?..
I don’t get it. I am a ultra casual player, yet I have fun to take the challenge and steadily, slowly, improve myself and if there is content that is locked behind my capabilities then be it, as long as I enjoy the things I can play I am fine with that. I played diablo, poe and never reached ultra ultra late game yet it was still a lot of fun…

It is the same with Elden Ring. Fromsoft game, known to be hard, there were some statements that it might be easier to approach for new players and because of that statement, the hype ratings many “new” players not used to Fromsoft games wanted to play and now they are surprised that it is hard. Well who would have thought…


It depends on where those 10% are coming from. If it’s 10% of tries vs wipes that’s silly. If it’s 10% of all entries end in a disband, it’s a bit closer but still inflated by repairs and kids voting abandon after first wipe or immediately because party had no support class.

The most relevant would be if 10% of accounts that entered the content never had a single clear of that content. But I doubt that is where the numbers come from.

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I don’t agree with weekly content nerfs, but daily content like guardians really needed a nerf at certain stages. Spending too much time daily on a boss fight becomes boring, not challenging after a while (the dark souls argument doesn’t work here, on dark souls you have to beat the boss once and be done with it, here you have to repeat it twice every day). Weekly content tho you can do on a day you have the time and energy to fail and retry


yea but u dont have to do it every day … thats why u have a “bonus” energy bar.

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If you want to progress before new content hits, yes you HAVE to, you even HAVE to play at least 1 alt if you want to do new content on time

Can’t vote.


Nobody cares about some poll on the forums. How much percent of the actual playerbase do you think will even see this? And how many of those who will see it would bother to vote?

If they ever did anything like a poll then it would have to be done inside the game itself. Even then, I don’t see much point. They can already see how many people clear the content. That is the most relevant information needed to make such a decision.


I think you misunderstood his post. It’s not that 10% of players pass but that out of a total amount of tries, for some content only 10% succeed. So if you go in and try a new boss a couple of times and only succeed on the 10th try, you have your 10% successrate.

Imo this is not bad and considering what content is yet to come, it is quite good. It just means that often players don’t want to learn mechanics or take longer to do so.


Yeah game design by mob rule. Ruined New World. You guys go


no you don’t. I don’t have any alts to help my main but I’m already sitting at 1341 ilvl. New content (argos raid) is still 2-3 weeks away, so when that hits I’ll prob be around 1370.

That is the beginning of T3, when sucess rates become 5% you will want alts. Unless they completely change gear progression for us

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we life in a world where everybody has “social” medias … just share the poll that wide as u can and everything is fine … so

thats not what they said and thats not what that means

10% success rate means that 1 in 10 raids is successfull, it doesnt say anything about how many people are stuck. in fact 100% of the playerbase could have finished every raid succesfully if they tried every raid 10 times, just based on this number.

I know, but we’re talking about progression now through t1-t2 content (as that is being nerfed).
Also if we go same route as other regions, there is no need to push your alts to t3 as you can just pay to get them to t3 instantly (if you have one char at t3 already).