Poll if the players want a nerf

That has nothing to do with it. Tons of players do not engage with game forums, game subreddits, game social media pages and so on. They just play the game. That’s it. The majority of players only play the game. It doesn’t matter how many social medias you post this to. It still won’t give you a clear picture.

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I disagree and the 10% might not mean 10% of all players that try, it means that many player stop paying the game (for various reasons) before reaching that stage. That is completely normal for every game. It is a Korean game, known to be more difficult in the endgame. It is made for players that like the challenge, not to be evolved around players that scream that it is to difficult because they cant progress by mindless pushing some bottoms, or watch series at the same time (sorry for my cynicism but I think you get the idea). :slight_smile:

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So 2 weeks from release is a good enough time frame to nerf?

Yeah you have no idea abt game development.


2 weeks from release is more than enough to do balancing, nerf or buff. Can’t recall the last time I have not seen balance patches soon after releases of multiplayer games.

As far as I understood from preparing myself for the game it is meant to be farmed/grinded for months before reaching ultra endgame content. Yet people cry because they are not end of T3 2 weeks after the game was released. That is the point why it might be too early to nerf content. :wink:

You have to hear yourself here. For a new game 2 weeks isn’t enough for people to familiarise nor even for the casual crowd.

Again no understanding, and list these games you’re talking abt.

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It’s not a new game…

And it’s not about understanding. You think the nerfs shouldn’t happen. You think 2 weeks is too little time for a game that’s multiple years old. As The Dude would say “That’s just like, your opinion, man”

Isn’t this version of the game harder than the Korean version? Didn’t they up the difficulty in the west after the beta test?

It is for the west?

And how’s that an opinion.

Pretty sure not everyone has even started T1/T2 stuff yet. Most are taking their time in comparion to those who’ve jumped in to doing the stuff. Heck most are prolly stuck in queue too.

So tell me how 2 weeks is enough when other issues and ways ppl are taking time to slowly going through exist. Sounds exactly like bad understanding.

No there isn’t anything that confirms it

So? We are talking about people who attempted the content and how many percent of those managed to clear it.

Why should AGS be looking at people who are still in queue and haven’t even done tier 1. And do you expect those players to be hardcore players who would vote against nerfs? Seems unlikely to me.

Uhhh because the size of how many ppl doing it can easily be changed once nearly everyone has touched on it?

And how are you sure they’d be asking for nerfs, seems very assumptionary of you.

That’s not how such a percentage would work though. Unless we would expect those players to heavily skew the percentage by being mostly hardcore players for instance. In reality they would be average or potentially leaning towards the casual side. Why this assumption? Because most hardcore players jumped on the hype train for this game months and even years before it released in the west. And if they didn’t do that, they started playing at release. And if they didn’t do that, trust me, a hardcore player would have gotten to tier 1 even if they started playing 2 days ago. Because getting to tier 1 takes literally no time at all.

And I never said that I think they’d be asking for nerfs…

Either way, I feel like this is getting off topic. The thread is about a poll after all and not about our opinions on the matter. And you are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine.

You kind of implied that by saying seems unlikely to me but sure lets end it here and wait to see what AGS does.

Polls do not prove anything as they are limited to those that frequent the forums and do not take into account those that do not come to the forums. This is the reason SWTOR stop allowing poles in the forum as it was never truly accurate and note I have not an opinion on the nerf as I have yet to get to that stage as I am taking my time.

thats why it shoud be aswell on twitter and stuff like that to reach every player.

After the first 8h seems like just 20% here wanted a nerf …

I’m all for an hp nerf to the guardians, they’ve become a very tedious hp sponge rather than anything enjoyable or exciting. As for the abyss dungeons? maybe make the nova a bit clearer for the necromancer as I still cant tell what color it is half the time.

Also that stagger check on the chess board-dungeon end boss seems a little overtuned atm. even dropping grenades and awakenings/stagger skills on it together.

Other than that, it really just seems (from what I’ve played so far) that 90% of the content is trivialized if you’re ranged, and shits absurdly more irritating if you’re a melee dps.

The majority of players, who are casual players, are not in these forums. Therefore the poll is useless. You are living in a bubble and echo chamber here.

Also, StrawPoll results can be easily manipulated.

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thats why i said before "share it on very single platform … Insta, Reddit, Twitter etc.
that all playing people can vote.
They doesnt need the forum to vote