[POLL] Would you agree to adding another layer of authentication to control bots


Blood test and retina scan!

I’d be fine with a authenticator app but not anything else. Don’t have a mobile phone and not going to verify my credit card.

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link game to 2fa app which can only be open with fingerprint XD

i feel like any authentication that revolves around your private information is out of question just cos you dealing with bunch of countries each with different laws



This is a brilliant idea. @Roxx as someone who works in the industry you guys have no idea how many this would instantly obliterate.

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1 on 1 online interview to verify new players.


The Credit card one is just pepega tbh, the game is free after all.

But a 2FA in the way FFXIV or PSO2 do it would be nice, something with an incentive to use it.

Other options sure, but no to phone sms from me. Don’t be a Blizzard and assume everyone has a mobile phone. Get it working with landlines? sure


I’m not okay with phone authentication, both for privacy and accessibility reasons. CC authentication is even worse, and also useless because steam trusted is already a thing.

Beyond that I’m not sure what else they could really do.

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saw the live results, find it funny 1 person is against any sort of authentication. I wonder why this person is against it. also some of the 2fa can be fake using google phone or even programs like bluestacks to emulate cellphones.


only 56 votes tho, need to wait for more participants

At least phone/cc verifications can be very problematic/impossible because of the EU laws.

I voted others because no1 voted for it, OTHERS REPRESENT!

Speaking from Germany, there would be no problem in terms of law. 2FA via phone is rather common.
I am using it on a regular basis for different sites/services.

CC verification would be problematic for a different reason. Credit cards aren’t that common over here yet.

Make it like in KR :slight_smile: id check.


Cellphone 2FA would curb a lot of botting.

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everything i’m in.

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2FA upon every login. Would be annoying but not as annoying as the bots

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I would totally be fine with an authenticator app. Microsoft Authenticator is already suitable for this purpose if they don’t want to develop their own.

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