Poor internet and Lost Ark

I live in a somewhat remote area and have access to only one ISP. Unfortunately, I am stuck with what I’ve got unless I move.

Now, several times throughout the day my internet will drop for 5 seconds or so - and when this happens I am immediately kicked from the Lost Ark server with the error “Cannot connect to the server. Exiting the game. [G0x9-SPELPWP1P2N],” and I get hit with having to relaunch and go into a 10,000 player queue or whatever it is at the time. Again, unfortunately, this internet dropping happens around 30 - 40 times per day.

Ordinarily, other games I play will not kick me from the server (unless my internet drops for several minutes), and while this bars me from competing or hardcore content I can still play casually; this includes mobas, mmos, shooters etc. I simply lag for several seconds and am back in.

If I use a wifi hotspot this will happen only a couple times per day, however this isn’t a very good permanent solution for obvious reasons. Through this I have made it to 50 and have been doing the tier 1 endgame content etc.

Is there anyway I can reconnect to the server without being booted every time my internet drops or is this a lost cause?

Hello @youngdaniel ;

I’m really sorry for the issue that your are having with the internet connection and Lost Ark.

In this case I recommend you to follow the trouble shooting steps in the following link:

If you cannot solve this issue, please contact costumer service to raise a Ticket to the devs so that they can see if there is something else that we can do.

Thanks for the report! :slight_smile: