Pop-Up Keyboard

When using a gamepad, there is a very large keyboard that pops up when trying to type. This has no disable feature currently and is absolutely necessary as it prevents from typing using a physical keyboard, forcing you to click letters in the pop up keyboard. Extremely impractical. Any chance we can get a feature to disable this pop up keyboard?


I am having a problem with this is as well. Annoying to type in chat and making it really hard to play with other people in an MMO. Pointless.


I’ve used a controller 100% of the time. I just press B it goes away and then I type. It doesn’t pop back up for a while.

I use / a lot to change my chat channel it the keyboard constantly pops, the B button does not solve that at all

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Would love to see an option to disable this completely in game.

Until then, if you’re trying to type in chat or use / command - hit enter beforehand and it seems to let you use your keyboard to type in the chat window without popping the keyboard up that way. As opposed to trying to hit / first which brings it up.

That only goes for chat window. Anywhere else, it keeps popping back up. Non stop…

That is not a valid solution as this pop-up keyboard is integrated with literally anything in the game that requires typing, including market and currency exchange. Try to understand what that exactly means. For example, because the pop-up keyboard is so LARGE, is covers majority of the window, therefore when needing to type numbers into a panel that is set to the bottom area of your screen, it is literally impossible because the pop-up keyboard (1) stops you from typing in your physical keyboard and (2) each time you click into the window to type in, it pops it up again after you close it. It does not disappear for x amount of time when closed in that situation.

It is a valid solution for typing in chat, as I mentioned. Thanks for the input.

Thanks for the solution for the chat box pop up keyboard work around. But as OooO continues on it is a bigger issue then simply the chat. I hope it gets fixed in the near future.

Please give us an option to deactivate the pop up!

Can we please get an option to disable this? I have a keyboard I can use.

ALL the gamepad issues in the game - I stand corrected. looking forward

I am here today to once again make known my annoyance of the Pop-Up Keyboard while using a controller.

I recently achieved level 30 on my character and was excited to post my extra collectibles on the market and buy items I was missing to complete my collections. I was sorely disappointed about having to exit out of the Pop-Up keyboard EVERY time I tried to search for am item on the market.

The Pop-Up Keyboard window us large and covers the majority of the market UI making it an unneeded annoyance of having to move around windows to get access to specific buttons like [Add Item]

Any and all text boxes opens the Pop-Up keyboard. Guild, friends, quest log windows as a few examples. For an mmo, where player to player interactions and socializing is a big part of the game for myself and although I will admit this is a minor problem. It is consist and always in my way when trying to communicate or search for anything in the came when it comes to typing in a box.

I look forward to a fix and acknowledgement of the problem hopefully soon.

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I would also like to make it aware that we need a “change target” function as well when in combat and using targeted skills. This might should be a new topic but right now the way it works, you have to wait for the system to change target otherwise you can’t switch to a target you desire.

Another thing is sometimes auto target doesn’t even work especially with bosses.

Needless to say, classes like Sorc is NOT gamepad friendly AT ALL.

I feel if gamepads are introduced, perhaps don’t (and excuse my language) half-ass it!!

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The link I put in my last post is a collection of all the known problems with gamepads. What you are talking about I believe is already a bulleted issue.

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Yes, I belive it is the same issue. I can only try and bump these topics once in a while, so we dont get lost in the void of queue-threads.

But if there are any other issues with gamepad, or the points in ALL the gamepad issues in the game need some clarification, I will gladly add on this!

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Possible solution. I ran across this issue in two other games. The popup keyboard is a feature of Steam and not the games. Once Steam discovers you have a controller, it turns this on by default. Go to Steam → Settings → Controller and check the “disable” box. The popup will go away.

Disable Controller Connected Notifications? Because thats the only checkbox I have there.

I can also confirm that this does nothing.

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I’m now crashing half the time the on screen keyboard comes up. Turn this thing off.

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This just happened to me too…

This does not work :frowning: