Population eu west


I am kind of worried because i feel like there is not enough people in eu west in comparaison to eu central. And people will move to eu central or quit and that will affect the game.

I was on eu central for launch then it was recommended to move eu west which i did but now i feel like i regret it.

Founding people to play with, its quiet hard. So i am realky concerned for the futur of eu west. Should i mive back to eu central or is there something you have planned?


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Since it came out I knew it was going to be a deserted after a few weeks… I decided to wait to play in EUC. Good luck with this inexistent game support that does not care at all about the players.

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I went west as well as per recommended. Heavy regrets.

It was totally expected, after the initial usual population normalization, after bots bans, and mainly after lot of players left once they figured out the real intentions of AGS were going to ruin the game experience, servers are not longer full in any region.

EUW was a workaround, not a fix, it was clearily expected that one day it would become a dead land, I bet AGS was aware about that too. While they neither recognized a compensation to EU community, what they did is atrocious because they split EU community and now the only solution is to go back on EUC, otherwise you won’t be able to play the game as queues will never start in few months. You will loose everything, but if you don’t do it now the loss will be MUCH higher later on so that you will probably quit the game. OFC if you wanto to go back to EUC becasue EUW is dead, AGS won’t give you anything, keep that in mind.

On Moonkeep i feel there still is a lot of players.
Area chat is very active, and you can see lot of people (excluding bots) around you in hubs/cities.

Yeah Moonkeep and Punika servers on EU West are pretty busy. I don’t wait more then 2 min for guardian raids, no more then 3-4 minutes for 8 people abyssals. 2 min for PvP to start. It’s look ok for me. The problem is that there is almost no new players at entry zones except bots or people who is doing their adventure and trading.


But the question is for how long?
I am pretty sure it will still decrease for another 10%.
Until then, i don’t know.
Is there any plan for this, thats the question?

You guys scare me, now i’m on the verge to go back EuC again lol

Nobody want’s to play on a dead region and we have lost half of our player base already.
Most servers on euw are green, so we can easily conclude that it is not going well.