Population issue on EU West

We have a severe population issue on EU West and it’s very prevalent in PvP. You face the same people over and over and just now, I met the 23rd best in the entire EU West. There has been a slight influx of new players on my server, but there is a clear issue here that needs to be handled before the servers are completely dead.


we know. guess what. you are the xth person to open a threat about euW being underpopulated. and you will get the same answer x other people have gotten. create a char on euC and start fresh. that is the quickest solution to your problems.

For someone who spent 80h before deciding to migrate to EU West, you would probably understand that it’s not an option for anyone.

it is “currently up do an undefined point” the only real solution there is. euC and euW CANNOT be merged. AGS stated that beforehand. and each and everyone i know came to the conclusion that euW will be doomed long term. im not trying to be mean. im being 100% serious here. whilst you keep playing on euW donate half your playtime on pushing chars on euC. hell if you start on Asta i can help you. i wouldnt mind. but AGS cant fix these problems currently

I’m running an active guild on the server, but thanks for the invite. It’s just a game in the end and if the servers die I’ll just move on. I do think the concerns should be raised and the more times it is raised, the higher the priority… hopefully.

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Yeah and anyone who works in software development will keep disputing this, because cross-region matchmaking isn’t science fiction technology and hearing about “technical limitations” raises serious eyebrows in a field where there’s a workaround for everything (seriously guys, I promise databases aren’t dark magic and naming conflicts aren’t a big deal). Europe also has great connectivity and doesn’t need two separate data centers, Frankfurt is fine for everyone.

This split was a mistake, and it’s in SmileGate’s best interest now to address the issue before it gets so much worse. Don’t underestimate the incredibly bad publicity from an entire region becoming unplayable shortly after the release, because as an outsider you would hear this from some halfassed Kotaku article and immediately label the game as a waste of time. The problem would also cascade to NA, because every newcomer or player under 100 hours would re-evaluate picking the “correct” subregion (East) even if theirs is perfectly healthy at the moment.

Everyone knew this would happen, people still moved to eu w. Sry to say that but its your own fault. Ah and btw you fight the same guys over and over in eu central too, pvp is just not popular

New players that started the game late weren’t aware of this ? But yeah let’s blame them for picking the region the closest to where they live.

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The server are at the same location they just have different names :wink: . And sry but i would say its normal that you inform yourself about the region/ server you pick coming late into a mmorpg

Some people did in fact move because they couldn’t afford waiting 6 hours every day (this might surprise you, but many have jobs and other interesting things in their lives), many started on EUW either because it’s the default region or because it made sense for optimal latency. Parroting that this is anyone’s “fault” is just dumb, no matter if you are the first or the hundredth to parrot it.

The server are at the same location they just have different names

False. EUW is in Dublin, EUC is in Frankfurt.

Eu west ping is dog in comparison, i doubt anyone moved because of the ping, its literally worse for everyone. And yes i know why people moved but those guys knew they would move on a region with maybe 5% maybe less of the playerbase. And amazon said they cant merge it later

Edit: i saw atleast 10 posts when euwest opened that the ping is dogshit no matter where you are. Most likely the server is just bad

Would have taken a minute to find out that eu west had no future, reddit twitter the forum everything was full of meme posts

Well if I had knew when I started that EUC servers had unending queues … Well I would have also picked EUW. Just out of convenience ?

There’s little to no reason to think that a fix to that problem would have any bad impact on EUC players and it would surely be a better gaming experience for EUW players. I fail to see a reason why anyone would be against it to be honest.

Eu west came like a month in… ofc it would have a low amount of players

It came 17th february. Try again.

Yeah almost a month

8th february is pre-release. 11th is official.
6 to 9 days = a month ? You’re either trolling or insane.

Tbh it felt later for me :wink: however amazon said they wont/ cant merge it. It was obv a low pop region and it was written all over the internet. I really cant blame anyone but the guys who complain about it. Also this shit literally happens in every single f mmo out there queues queues … you join a non queue server? The server dies a 100% after the hype phase. Just this time it was a whole f region which is 10 times more obv

I fail to see a reason why anyone would be against it to be honest.

Just short-sightedness, because like I said above this is an obvious problem for the game (and Amazon, after the New World fiasco :grimacing:) as a whole. In every EUW thread there’s always 1-2 people like him who were frustrated by queues for weeks and now come to gloat with their “we told you so, your fault”. They usually graze around for a while, it doesn’t immediately click that they’re wasting time arguing over something that they think doesn’t affect them.

They can do the merge if they want to. They’d just prefer not doing it most likely.
If the game popularity goes down, it’s not the player’s fault the servers are dead, but it’s the game dev’s responsability to find a solution so that they can keep a good experience for those players who just made a server choice like anyone would do presented those 2 options. You live in EU West, you pick EU West, that’s simple and nobody would do any research about it before hand.

I still fail to understand why you’re against it.