Positivity Thread: What I like About Lost Ark

I like things about Lost Ark. Why would I have invested so much time into this game if I did not?
So in an effort to bring at least one positive thread to this forum, here are the things I like about this game, in no particular order. Real game feedback.

Guardian Raids: Velganos
I like a lot of Guardian Raids in this game, even the gatekeepers. You know the ones I am talking about. The first one at a new tier or continent. Some of them are raging loot bags, like Igrexion, who by the way, is still fun to beat up. But there are some that really demand you work with your team to get the job done, or in a solo instance you obey the mechanics or embrace suffering.
Velganos is my favorite in this category. Velganos is vicious, unpredictable, and even sometimes at your best efforts will make you burn a ticket to respawn. But that is the real challenge with this Guardian. How little can I spend on taking this beast of a boss down? It keeps me coming back! Some days I want to take it easy so I group up and hand over a veritable ass whooping to Night Fox Yoho in a few minutes, but Velganos is always there if I want a fun challenge. This is an example of great boss design.

The Story
So it is obviously very popular to hate on the story, and like a normal mob mentality even people who liked the story will say they hated it because they do not want their friends teasing them that they probably also enjoy reading the back of cereal boxes. I am one of the few that actually read every piece of dialogue that was new to me. I did not know what the story was coming into this game, so it was all fresh. And some parts really sparked some emotions and and made me feel immersed in the story. There were some really awesome and likeable characters presented that I am always going to remember. Then there are some that I love to hate, and that is okay too. So yes I am a story enjoyer. Although maybe find a way to have multiple NPCs in one dialogue window in the future! That would be a “positive” change! :smile:
There are parts of the story that I liked less than others, but overall majority opinion from myself is that it was good, and at times great. South Vern really takes it to a next level, and even on my second play through of that area, and skipping dialogue, I got chills. it is that good.

It Keeps Me Busy
I work a seasonal job, so I do not do much in the winter, so I appreciate that this game can hold my attention day after day, and give me things to do. How much of it I want to do is totally up to me, and it even has allowances to take a break some days and get a rested bonus. Really though there is so much to do at times it can be overwhelming if you fail to set priorities of what it is you want to accomplish. I know a lot of people just want to raid and raid and get gear and chase power, but this game is way deeper than that, and I suggest that you take the time to enjoy some of the great content in it, outside of solely PVE.

This post is getting really long, but there’s lots more I enjoy, so here is a quick list.
All Martial Artists Classes
The Skins and dying
Crafting and stronghold side grind, and personalization
Increasing levels of power, and tier based Content
Gate of Paradise abyss dungeon (really amazing)
Morai Ruins Dungeon - I would love to see a return to this level of detail put into dungeons
Island hopping - Wow i put time into this and it was so fun!
SOME of the music is so good. The island with the Piano man was so good. Song of Starlight is a real tear jerker. There are others. It is not all hits but some of them are just… Wow.

and so much more.

So before I eat up all the good ones why not tell share below what you like about Lost Ark? What did you enjoy, and what keeps you coming back?
Cheers everyone, I hope you have a great weekend. :heart:


For me definetly the different classes, I’ve made more than I have time to play and I’m enjoying every one, I remember watching lost ark’s trailer back then and got reaaaaally hyped then noticed it was korea only and then got sad, I moved on and the news that was comming to the west were great news for me.

As for the story I’m not ashamed to say that I like it so far, even tho at the beginning I couldn’t undestand what happened to characters we started with(Armen), suddenly another continent and different characters unaware of the previous ones and then another continent and another and so on but the south vern bit was very good cuz it tied things together for me.

But yeah mostly gameplay for me, never played a mechanic heavy mmo before so this is new for me and i like learning and so far so good.


In terms of eastern mmos, this has to be by far my favorite one. I have played elsword for over 500 hours, dfo for 700, maplestory for 300, and even some bdo. I’ve played western mmos like POE, WOW, Runescape, and various more.Of course I will always come back and play them from time to time.
Something about lost arks charm keeps me coming back!
I feel excited every time I significantly progress a piece of gear or even completely a piece of horizontal content that, like all mmos, adds to the overall portfolio of my account.
I hope they keep the vision that many eastern mmos adhere to, although niche, instead of adhering to a vision that is backed up by a lack of experience with eastern mmos.
At the end of the day its a game you choose to experience, people shouldn’t hate on tea just because they’ve experienced coffee their whole lives, just as much as tea onto coffee.


To me it’s fully the combat and classes. Never played anything like it. The isometric view is something I never thought I would like. The horde concept of killing enemies is what dragged me in like chaos dungeons. Didn’t even know guardian raids or abyssal or Argos etc existed. The chaos dungeon was enough for me. It’s so fun. Just slicing and dicing into all the enemies. Their bodies exploding and the little blood chunk graphics shocked me (in a good way). Really REALLY look forward to all the classes I wish they’d release all of them already cause it’s such an important factor of the game to me.

I also really enjoyed feiton story line. Usually I’m spamming G to get through story as fast I can (sorry Armen/Thirain). I was really hooked and felt my heart strings pulled by feitons story line.

I also reallllyyy enjoyed and loved the skins in KR of course we have little to none of them…. So I’m really holding out on the skins too. Never seen a game with such sexy cute pretty gorgeous bad ass armor/skins in a game.




I played a game that was called “Heroes go” with a class called “lightning fencer”. It was a hack and slash game somewhat similar to lost ark but the company of that game decided to close it when i was having the most fun.

I’ve always tried some mmos here and there but i always ended up in a situation where i had to be either a merchant or a monotone grinder killing mobs on loop.
I wanted to ve an adventurer without having to worry that much on my gear and not wasting my time killing that same mob for an eternity to lvl up.

Lost ark gave me just what i want.


I get my gear instantly and the only thing i need to progress is do some chores everyday that allow me to progress even with little free time.


I get gold from una or from selling mats the game gave me with the chores i did and the lucky things tend to be generous like gold gates, hidden rooms, legendary engravings, etc.

I can use the money other player invest it in the game through gold so i can buy skins skipping the 66% tax my shitty gov has <3


Pvp is equalized so i don’t need to farm for years and get tons of resist from different sources just to even try to attempt to pvp. I can lvl every class up to 26 and i would be ready to go and that’s awesome

Raid mechs

I love them!!! Some of the future ones remind me of bomber man and og Mario (kuku mini games)
I really love the creativity they have put into the mechs