Possible Artist release at June! theory

I think we are getting Artist at June guys and this is why!
Artist is getting released in June:
An they recently announced artist for the JP server also in June…

So it’s the perfect opportunity to do a triple release o3o
(excluding the Kr server ofc cuz they already have it)
Just a theory…


Bro i even commented on that post without reading LMAO

nice hopium :blush:

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Let me dream bro u.u this is the only opportunity they have to do a triple release at the same time :c


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As much as id love it, its probably just coincidence since RU/JP are only missing Artist atm i believe? xD

Artis will be the last class, just accept it. Good morning.

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point to aeromancer… and then femzerk for global release

yeah in June 2023

JP is still missing striker if I am not mistaken.

Indeed, JP are still missing Striker.

Imagine aeromancer global release :’)

It’s would be insane, but sadly she’s coming in Summer for KR.

And only JP/RU are getting Artist.

Meanwhile us we are on a huge dose of copium…

Did that Post Not fit in your other threads?

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I can’t wait to see the next road map which may get released early june :c

They do indeed, but thats all they are missing, so its definitely a coincidence.
Ofc i wanna main artist so i wouldnt be against getting it next month ehe.

2018-2021 Classes Missing in NA/EU
Destroyer (coming out 5/19)

2022 Classes Missing in NA/EU

2018-2022 Classes Missing in RU/JP

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