Possible bug: Challenge Guardian Raid not scaling to party size

Then why would they let less than 4 people in? It explicit states on the board 1-4 players. And how would Koreans do these solo in 3 Minutes without scaling? Makes no sense. :clown_face:

Hence this post. I try to find out.

Queued up for “No-no Bird Helga” today. It was a massacre. Three casualties in the first three minutes. Helga is definitely a guardian who I like to do solo. This way at least only I can screw up.

100% bugged. it’s as if the HP of the guardian stays set to 4 player even when you queue solo

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Over a month. Wow, great support! :clown_face:

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I opened a support ticket. Maybe, I’ll get a answer there… :clown_face:

In general I enjoy the “thrill” of matchmaking, but lately in EUW it becomes more and more difficult to get a full group in times of lower population.

Wait, I thought the scaling was based on iLvl. So if you go in at 1430 then it’s going to be scaled to 1430, if you and a friend go in with an average of 1430, still scaled to 1430 but now you have 2x the damage. Now, you and your friend go to matchmaking and you get 2 1370’s then it’s scaled down to the “lowest” so now you have 4x damage on a 1370 boss. But remember, it scales your health and damage down to the scaled level too. So essentially you become damage capped.

TBH, I don’t know how scaling works. I thought everybody gets scaled down to minimum required item level. Either way, it does not scale to party size in a reasonable way.

Interestingly, scaling to party size does work pretty good, at least most of the time, in regular guardian raids.

Apparently no fix with tomorrows update:

Great! :clown_face:

Yeap just tried Lumerus+ as a 1350gs gunslinger in that mode, used 7 elemental pots, all lives and 2 ults with 10 seconds left on the clock, just to end up with the boss still having 70.4% health left. Also it never got staggered from stagger damage (l have stacked my spells with stagger damage), only countered.

I mean sure l made lots of mistakes, but even with perfect play, that would be impossible, because you would run out of time.
Either force 4 man mode to claim it as not a bug or add player amount scaling to it and admit it being a bug.

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Still no fix nor any information on this issue:



Of course, now with Velganos in the mix, this issue gets to a whole new level.

That’s mostly a good news, because this mean you can go duo Velganos with a Support without even the boss scaling :slight_smile:

With the boss scaling you could still duo/trio it but faster. And you could solo it in a reasonable time. Frankly, I don’t get your point.

The fact is, trio it is harder because most people can"t handle the light buff sharing. that’s why the duo with a support that just heals and buff is usually better. in that case for challenge boss it’s same a solo but with easier survival and stagger. That’s what i ment

Ah okay, the health stays the same, but you get the added benefits of the support and all the orbs. But still, if they would scale, the Guardians health would be lower to beginn with, thus you could clear it faster even with a support/dd duo. Therefore I still cannot agree to “mostly good news”.

Regardless, I’d like to see this issue fixed. I’d like to do my guardians solo most of the time. More flexible, better practice, less “people”, no waiting for MM or party finder.

I said mostly good news because i did solo the challenge Velganos yesterday, and i was really hard. I was like “i probably wont do it again next week” and i honnestly have very few hope on clearing it via group matchmaking because the mech are rly badly handle at 4 usually.

being able to do it as i did yesterday, with no scaling, and a support to make this easier is i think a good news overall :slight_smile:

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It scales +50%/+100%/+150% HP with 2/3/4 players. So the easiest is 4 man group as you have most uptime on back attack and 3x player buffs/debuffs.

Still no fix or any comment on this issue:

Challenge Guardian raids don’t scale their HP to party size, and they never have (not even in KR). Only the regular ones scale this way. Feel free to keep shouting into the void though :slight_smile:

Really? :clown_face: