Possible bug regarding drops in Chaos Dungeons

Hi. So far, on every reset, every time i did my daily 2 chaos gates, i had enough to try to upgrade to 1355 … 2 tries on armor and one try on weapon … those are the rates that usually drop for me when doing my 2 daily chaos. Today after update, i had to update only weapon. Bought some leapstones, and hit the chaos to fill the requirements for one try … but for my surprise … for 2 runs at 100/50 i think i got like 5-10 destruction stones cristals … like wtf … every time i received like 2-300 for a try to honing … now i got 5? what the hell ? i had to buy from prize guy all my tickets and i still have no chance to even get close to horning my weapon. What the hell did u do guys? :)) something is not right.

Thank you and have a nice day.