Possible fix for bots

I am not familier with coding etc. I was wondering if you can just make Prideholme only have 1 channel. then have a GM monitor the area outside the church where new player have to go through when they start the game and just Ban bots as they appear. Is this something that can be done? or am I out there flapping?

That’s not feasible. There are multiple channels to be in. There are multiple regions. There are multiple servers in each region.

You don’t fix botting by those types of means. You fix it with better anti-cheat and barriers to entry.

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I only brought up because COD use to do that with there servers against Bots and cheaters.

If gm patrol is needed, it needs to be at lv50 area than first zone cuz it hurts botters much more since it takes time for thieir bots to level and lv50 is where they make gold at this point. Yes, some gm patrols might be helpful but hiring tons of gm wont solve the problem essentially and it’s unrealistic

I see your point in this. I’d like to expand on what i mentioned. Example, I’m a new player and i’m leveling for the first time. As i level i am seeing Bots running around on every channel i’m on. This will make me not play the game because I.E. if its this bad then what is gonna be endgame. If they was to take the channels like channel 1 and not allow anymore channels then they are making what i call a funnel. Thus every Bot except the one currently playing will have to pass through prideholme channel 1 all you’d need 5 gm’s to monitor 24/7 and catch them. 3 gms for 24 hour during the week and 2 on 12 hours on weekends.