Possible fixes for EU-Central?

Thinking about the insane queue and the not really working matchmaking im am wondering if the following could work.

Sure, i bet this need some/several code changes and it’s not that easy as it sounds, but could it work?

  1. Create 2 new regions.
  2. Transfer 5 servers from EU-Central to each region. Sure i dont know how the data is stored, but with some work it should be possible to transfer complete servers. In my very simple mind atleast.
  3. Create 5 new servers in each of the 2 new regions.
  4. Let people transfer the complete roster to the 5 new servers. Should make tokens which you can buy for 0.0€ in the shop and a decay time of a week. That way people can make more or less sure, that the whole guild can transfer to the same server or decide to stay if the queue vanish.

As a first fix, implement a queue for matchmaking. I think people could live with a queue there, instead of trying to get into an raid/dungeon for an hour and getting nothing more than an error message.

Just my thoughts.

Oh, and english is not my first language, so give me some room :slight_smile: