Possible Guardian Raid bug

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or not but i was just doing guardian raid and we had a berserker who refused to fight, he just stood there doing nothing so we warned him and kicked him from raid but he was still there in the raid just in the party and he was able to move around and talk, a little bit later he left or disappeared not sure which.
I don’t think that’s normal cus i have kicked people from raid and they never talked and i didn’t see them so I’m not sure.

Here’s a screenshot maybe it helps.

Hello and welcome to the community.

So you were able to kick the Berserker and their character was still in the Raid?

Yes he was still there for at least 10-15 seconds

Gotcha, thank you for clarifying.

Could I have you verify your character name and server?

Char. name: Devaa
Server: EUC - Thirain

I appreciate the reply. I will get your report forwarded. :slight_smile:

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