Possible reason for all the 10010 Bans (CM‘s needed here)

So I have investigated a bit (working as an IT network guy)

What we know:
-We do not use a VPN prior or -after- the patch.
-We only had 10010 error after the patch.
-One or two days after the patch we get banned/region blocked/ISP blacklisted ?

So we all tried the solution the CM‘s told us.
One solution from them, is to download the tool from, activate it and try to connect to the game again (which doesn’t help). Short time after we also get the ban message.

But now the struggle begins: the tool from is nothing else than a VPN tool​ :man_shrugging::joy:
So maybe we all get banned because of „using“ VPN.

So AGS ToS says: no VPN - and they bring a patch which is Buggy (or from my technical perspective totally useless because you can’t BAN a VPN service itself - only IP ranges from for example known VPN tools)
CM‘s also say: VPN is Bad - don’t use it! But CM‘s Solution is -badums- a VPN Tool🙄

Because a lot of people don’t believe me tool aka Warp isn‘t a VPN Tool (only DNS Service) I will give you the proof:

Official statement from tool:

Building a tunnel from my home PC to a Cloudflare datacenter, to than access the „website or service“ you want to from there is nothing else than : right = VPN.

Warp combines the older DNS service they offer since a long time with a VPN …

So clear facts:
-Everything went smooth before the VPN patch
-nothing after that - we got the 10010 error without ban
-we all connect to the game via Warp = VPN because of your „Tipps“ so we all used the same VPN
-short time after that, we are banned …

And yeah - even if we got the error (befor the ban) we were connected and logged in somehow into AGS servers / Proof : we can see how many chars are in what server (in the login screen) means we are already somehow logged in - we wouldn’t see „our“ data if we would not be logged in.

My 2cents → 100 or 1000s of people all wanted to connect to the game via the same vpn ( tool)-> AGS noticed that and they thought: ok, this looks like a army of bots - maybe together with multiaccounting let’s Ban them all.

And on top of that- neither we or the CM‘s can know if that is maybe the possible reason, because no one sees why we got banned :ok_hand:

Ps: as the tool is clearly a vpn, you shouldn‘t say the gamers to use this to solve their problems, because it’s forbidden in AGS ToS :sweat_smile:
Lot of us never used a vpn until the point you (the CM‘s) told us to do so…


prepare for ROXX saying that VPN is against TOS with some copy paste message as a ‘‘gentle reminder’’ as she calls it.
and that its one of many actions that they’re taking to fight bots

basically you got the answer, you dont need her

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Nearly one day old - no CM reaction - even if they break their own ToS with their suggestion to use the tool from :joy::ok_hand:

Man this seems…
I hope these things can somehow get clarified.