Possible Server Merges in US-EAST

Hello, I’ve recently got back into this game after a good 5+ month break.

I’ve noticed there has been server merges in other regions (EU for example) where they took worlds with lower populations and fused them. I’m unsure if there are plans for this for NA servers, since our player base may be healthier overall.

However, the server where my main characters are (Landon) is just riddled with bots, I’m well aware this is still a huge issue in the game but 90% of the time I’m running around questing, doing events I see nothing but bots. It’s upsetting and I have been reporting them as I see it, and feel like my world is just a wasteland of players.

I’ve noticed severs like Una (I do happen to have a character here that I rarely touch - as my friends there quit… shame there isn’t world transfer as my friends there all quit :frowning:), are of a higher population.

I really think these server merges should be looked into for other regions of the world. The bot problem is getting out of hand, and with no way to move characters you’ve worked on into more populated worlds you just feel alone all the time.

Is anyone else dealing with this issue in their world?

Hope the AGS brings more light to this, or at least give us any sort of update on world transfers. From what i’m seeing the “tech isn’t there” - they put out no statements about the status of this, the bot issue or any merges. Doing world events is nearly impossible in some servers, and we’re pretty much out of luck unless we ditch characters we worked hard on and move to a new world ourselves. So many other games have server transfer features, yet this game doesn’t. We have absolutely no communication from AGS; who i’m convinced don’t really care for this game at all at this point.


Also in a US-E server, and I have the same sentiments.

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