Possible Solution for stuck Twitch drops?

So I had the problem - like many other players as well - that my twitch drops were stuck and didn’t arrive ingame.
The Twitch loot site said I’ve claimed my Items (maybe check on that first)
In my case I’ve got the t1 drop during early access but the t2 and t3 didn’t arrive after release and heavy server problems.

So here’s what I’ve done and it worked for me:

Step 1: head to the Twitch drops Site from Lost Ark Twitch Drops | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG (this is the german link)

Step 2: scroll down until you see this (it’s german again)

Step 3: If your Twitch and Steam-Accounts are linked here unlink them both

Step 4: Relink your Twitch and Steam and press on “activate” on Step 3 on the Lost Ark Twitch drops site

Step 5: log into the game and wait for your drops to arrive. If you’re already logged in I’d recommend to relog

After I did these steps I got my t2 and t3 drops. Had the t4 drop at a later point stuck again and after re-doing the steps above I’ve got my t4 drop as well.

Since this method worked at least for me twice I hope it will work for you too.
Would appreciate if someone with the same issue could confirm that this method works :slight_smile:

As an addition:
Twitch drops and other packets are using ingame store mechanics for delivering. If the store is in maintenance they will not be shown …