Possible solution to last minute issues: Beta

Dear Amazon team,

As this is the third time, you guys are experiencing last-minute issues, i strongly suggest changing the process.

My suggestion is to organize a beta environment. Before applying a patch to a live environment, let it be stabilized on a beta environment with either free or limited invite.

All other publishers(GameOn, Mail.ru) have beta and live issues are at their minimum.
And the process is the following - patch is applied to beta, 2 weeks of player-based testing on top of additional specific quality assurance(load and performance tests), and only then published to live.
Additional costs, that these last-minute issues bring far outweight the investments required to do it normally:

  1. Reputational issues.
  2. Compensation packages.
  3. Team overtime.
  4. Schedule issues.

On top of it, please, audit the quality assurance process, whether it is outsourced to AGS or you have your own team:

  1. Does the QA team have enough time and resources to test the build?
  2. Does the QA team executes regression testing, making sure they not only test new features but also make sure they didn’t brake connected features?
  3. Does the QA team provides a traceability matrix after the execution(what test were executed for each feature)? Is it enough to say that it is all good?
  4. Does the QA team use test automation? How much code is covered by unit, integration, and e2e tests?

I really want the game to prosper and want you guys to succeed. But to succeed, you must admit that you have issues and fix them.
@Roxx @Shadow_Fox Please, pass this to a project management team.