Possible Suggestions

I wanna suggest couple things after i experienced game in RU + Eu/Na Beta .

Pve & general
  • More description about stat threshold at least easier way to do it

  • Can’t lie overall item description was bad in beta and looks like coruppted , hope it will be easy to read and have enough information for all

  • Can’t quit guardian raids if you entered solo accidently you should use all lives and fail or have to get that lovely penalty

  • Stream friend list adaptation for game , like most of Steam games

  • Kr Estate character boost for future

  • Kr gem and engraving update for npc and ui (we didnt have it in beta )

  • Time resriction for leaving dungeons so people won’t ragequit easily after 1st fail , same for opposite upper limit for safe leaving so people can’t take hostage you even you failed 100 times

  • more slots for cards at the start .


  • Que snipe penalty for ranked ques ( could be happen in certain times , this happens in RU a lot people set up team or win trade )

  • I don’t suggest changing que into mixed que or adding team que for Ranked (it didnt end well most of KR games like eternal return for example )

  • But can add online tournament ques for specific times like Evo does with Ps4 or old league of legends did if you are aiming pvp audience (small prizes > and if you see people into it , you will do whatever you want idk )

  • i know how ALT+X function works but wanna edit it myself so i can see score and clear top of my screen and see enemy at the same time
    or if it’s possible i wanna move hud into up down black bars in 21:9 mode
    or game related black bar covers like guilty gear XX .I t has that feature

  • Pvp start screen shows who has the most " xxx " makes you enemy target instantly also it shows funny stats sometimes

  • More maps for pvp

  • Replay function for the old games we played

  • Objective-based pvp mode

  • Adding scientific temporary pvp modes or mini games for specific times so who knows ( MxM had some silly fun mini games get rewards through dailies . )

  • add a pvp video info into pvp menu which describe dash & how camera and cc works etc… or add a tutorial quest when we are unlocking arena which includes those informations and you can skip after you did once per server smth idk . So we never worry about pvp population

  • Better Matchmaking still not sure about it due to RU low population and smurfs but people who experienced it can easily say its not the BEST

  • Showing people who are in same party like Overwatch did to comfort new players

  • Training mode while que to ranked with much more tooltips and info for specificly pvp in pvp menu aswell

  • Leaver boost for disadvantaged team if they win get more pts lose less pts and much more penalty for leaver (could be abusable but league has good one)

Last one * please dont change stat and engraving names like you did in Beta . Those should be universal and easy to adept for everyone . ( telling this as person who is trying to be game developer and huge fighting game & mmorpg fan since 90’s , universal terms(glosarry) so important to pick new players , seasonal players , old players , people who left game and wanna try out again for some reason )

P.S : sorry for scuffed grammar and Engrish. I will add more if i remember the things i forgot so i won’t spam again and again

Hope game will succes and get attention more than anyone predicted . Good Luck

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This is an established game for years. This is not some new game that is a blank canvas for random people to graffiti how they like.

Then again, AGS has been changing the game already…you know what, suggest away, maybe the sky is the limit.

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Thank you for your feedback! Will share your suggestions with the game devs.