Possible to get a character restored?

Hello, I ended up deleting my Striker a while back and regret doing so. Character name was Cramjuice. Thanks

Hi @CramJuice :lion:

I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll be more happy to help you with your character! :sparkles:

Give me just a moment to check your account and I need you to disconnect from the game just for a second also I need the server name and a character slot. :mage:

Right, Kharmine NA East. And i only have 5 characters so slot 1. Thanks for quick reply

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Think the second spots open, im not home at the moment

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You’re more than welcome and thank you for that information @CramJuice ! :lion:

Your character Cramjuice lvl 50 is now restored! :sparkles: :man_mage:

You can restart the game and check if it works and if you need anything else please let me know!

Safe travels in Arkesia! :man_mage: :crossed_swords: :world_map:

Awesome, thank you. Enjoy your day

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