Possible to restore an old deleted character?

I’ve seen forum posts from people who were able to get a deleted character restored, is this still possible? The character is a bit old, maybe 1-2 months. IGN-Hunanchicken Server-Avesta It was a Lvl 50 Striker Item LVL ~340.

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Hi @schyn, it’s a pleasure for me give you a warm welcome to our forums!

For sure! Let me go ahead and take a look into your request, if you are in-game please close it for a few minutes while I’m working on it.

I’ll be right back :wink:

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Thanks! I’m currently in a Chaos Dungeon so I’ll need like 5 minutes to log off. Also if it’s possible to restore it I’ll also need to purchase a Character Slot Extension coupon first since my roster is currently full.


Got you!

And yeah, actually I was just about to tell you that I saw you are out of slots xD

In that case I’ll wait for your update to finish the character restoration,

I’ll be tuned to your reply : D

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Okay, got the slot and logged off. Also is there any sort of limitation on this? Like a character being too old or making too many requests?

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Thanks for the update!

I’ve successfully restored the character Hunanchicken. You can launch the game now and double check if you can see it.

About your question, on the request side there is no a limit, if it is in our hands and the request to recover the character is for a valid reason We’ll be glad to assist you so we don’t have a request limit, on the time side I’m not 100% sure. I will escalate this question to get the right answer and I’ll reply you here as soon as I get it.

Hope this helps! If there is anything else I can help with just let me know, I’m a tag of distance,

Have a good one. :balloon:

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Not sure if I should make a new thread for this, but could I have another deleted character restored?

Name: Zakhelm
Class: Scrapper
Item Level: 880
Server: NA East Avesta

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Hi @schyn!

Thanks for taking your time to post in our forums!

There is no need for you to make another thread, I can check on this for you. If you are online, please disconnect from the game, I’ll be working on restoring your character.

Hope you are doing great!

See you in Arkesia!

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Hi again @schyn!

Thanks for your patience on this, I restored your character Zakhelm on Avesta, please let me know if you are able to access to it!

Hope this helped!

Enjoy Arkesia!

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Not trying to be annoying but could I get another character restored? This one is really old, so I’m not sure if it’s restorable. I’m even using its name on a different character currently.

Server: NA East Avesta
IGN: Playmaplestory
ILVL: 340
Class: Shadowhunter


Hello @schyn,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

I’m currently working on your request, your account is online so I’m unable to proceed, please let me know once you’re offline to continue.

Looking forward to your response! :sunflower:

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Thanks, I signed off.

Thank you for replying.

I’m done with the request, the character should be back in your game now, please check, let me know if you need further assistance.

See you in Arkesia! :sunflower: