Possibly Truth about RMT

We all know Ags cannot earn money from RMT, but there is not any restriction to RMTer.
Perhaps they just cannot track the RMT.

Oh sure, 1000000g for a t2 lvl 1 gem maybe is legit? idk

they just dont want to ban rmters, thats obvious. They handpicked a few and issued bans but thats it. They dont care really.

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I mean every player has a transaction history and mail history afaik. If a player suspected of RMT is reported, then staff reviews the player’s history for any suspicious transactions and then issue out the punishment accordingly if convicted lol.

The player can try to delete past mail or fill up their transactions with more transactions, but I would assume there is some system/hardware/software that AGS/SG has that records all of it.

The problem is that it’s prob being manually done than being automated. So if you have real humans trying to track down the tens of thousands of RMT players, then it’s going to take a while and give off the impression they aren’t doing that great of a job yet.

TLDR: If someone RMT, then eventually their past decisions will catch up to them kek. Just really depends if the amount they RMT for warrants a perma ban or 3 day ban lul.

Not even sure if it’s being manually done. I’ve seen several posts on Reddit/discord/forums of people with screenshot evidence that they have reported a fellow guildie or guildies of RMT (with screenshot proof of the report and the alleged rmter admitting to RMT’ing) and no action was ever taken.

It seems like the only way their current ban system works is to just flag accounts that receive some threshold of reports. For example one report with screenshot evidence does nothing but if 100 people report somebody (even with no evidence) the system auto bans them.

IMO they need to spend more time putting in effective 2FA and phone email verification to keep bots from auto remaking thousands of new accounts every minute and less worrying about tracking down people that RMT’ed once 2 months ago.

Situations like this should already have an auto flag but for some reason it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.


Welp, let’s just play some devil advocate and give them the benefit of the doubt that the people assigned with such responsibilities to manage/punish RMT is understaffed so let’s say like 6 people. Then you assign each of those 6 people the thousands of reports/flags that they have to manually go through and supposedly investigate carefully to avoid a false positive RMT ban. Adding on to the investigation, it takes maybe 1 hour to come to a reasonable conclusion whether a suspected RMT is convicted or not. Then consider working conditions 9-5 a day + breaks/lunchtime of 1 hour so then you have like reviewing 7 players a day per staff.

7 one-hour reviews of a suspected RMT player x 6 hypothetical staff members = 42 convicted RMT bans a day

Going back to the big picture, let’s say supposedly 100,000 players is suspected/reported for RMT.

42 bans a day / 100,000 suspected RMT players = it can definitely feel like no progress is being done or if anything is done if there really is a manual human process element in place and not an automated system that is coded to verify/issue out punishments.

TLDR: I will just stand by this that if someone has RMT and someone else did their due diligence to report the RMT player, then eventually a day will come where that player will be convicted and punished. It may not be anytime soon or it may very well take place later on this day or this week, but for every action has a consequence kek.

AGS/SG already mentioned something about them having to overhaul everything if they want to implement 2FA/phone email or some technical issues with it so unfortunately, those are off the table. Will see how the steam test 2FA thing works, but w/e

Your breakdown of the time and effort needed to review RMT reports is exactly why I think they do not and likely will not move away from their auto ban system.

42 bans a day would not justify the cost of having 6 employees on payroll, even if they were minimum wage and part time. That’s why they do and will continue to use their automated system that only flags you if you reach a certain number of teleports when it automatically bans you.

As for the obvious RMT transaction on AH (200k for a t1 gem), these should already be auto flagged and not require reports from players.

I hope the steam 2FA works out but until ags/sg take some real action and in game 2FA to create a new account “is back on the table” I don’t think we will see any real progress in removing the RMT from the game.

How can you stop the bots if they can continue to use programs that automatically create thousands of accounts every minute without even having to spoof phone numbers, verify email addresses, or enter a captcha? Maybe bots can find work arounds to them but atleast make them jump through the hoops rather than inviting them to keep continuing their automated way of creating new accounts.

It doesn’t take an hour to figure out whether someone is RMT or not.

Also they don’t ban, or inspect people with reports. It just doesn’t work.

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The truth is it’s more expensive to fight bots than AGSmile loses in profits to RMT. AGS loses the Royal Crystal sale from the RMT buyer but they recoup much of that loss through gold inflation.

The RMT buyers need blue crystals for pheons, conveniences, mari shop, etc. This drives up the gold price of blue crystals dramatically as we have thousands of RMT buyers with tens of millions of gold.

If you have spoken with an honest whale about buying gold through the exchange, they will warn you should only swipe for gold then the blue crystal price is high. I can assure you that many more honest whales swipe when the blue crystal price is 700 rather than 300.

Thus, RMT encourages more honest swiping which negate much of the lost revenue from said RMT transaction. Conversely if they were to ban the RMT buyers, they would lose honest swipe revenue and the potential for this RMT buyer to be converted into a gigawhale, ready for milking.

AGSmile are businesses. You can bet they have crunched these numbers with people much smarter than any of us. The truth is in the pudding. It would be easy to ban RMT buyers, but it would not be profitable.

Okay…so we should all buy RMT gold then? If you buy legit gold from cash shop you’re enduring big loss? We shouldn’t ban RMT according to your logic… then why should anyone buy legit gold from currency exchange for 4x the price?

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It’s not “my” logic, it is just logic. Simple supply vs demand. As the crystal price increases more honest swiping happens.

The RMT buyers need to buy blue crystals just like anyone else. Blue crystals (minus the few free ones) are all paid for with USD by honest whales.

Thus, AGSmile still profits. They have honest whales swiping twice as often because the demand for crystals is twice as high. This makes up much (but not all) of the profit lost by the RMT transaction.

Some RMT buyers may have never used the exchange. In this scenario AGS actually profits from their RMT. Gold inflation is more profitable than nothing.

The only “losers” are regular players who barely pay any money so who cares? Welcome to f2p.

Are you forgetting that economy is getting F’d up because these RMT bots keep printing money?
Everyone is paying higher price for items that would’ve been less price if there weren’t bots printing money 24/7.

Your economy is bad. AGSmile’s economy is good.

What matters more?

It all matters because for same gold you can buy much less in F’d up economy, thus makes people NOT buy legit gold anymore.

you mean welcome to a future of maybe 100 players per server sounds real healthy, there’s a reason games die, Legit whales and moderate spenders hate RMT just as much as the f2p

This right here. It needs to be automated.

Only honing mats and equipment window items scale in price with inflation. Many other expenses are flat fees.

Honing fee and weapon polishing are two examples where honest whales are enormously benefitted by inflation.

Inflation hurts farmers but it helps whales. Ask any honest whale if they swiped more when crystals were at 300, or 900?

Understand that this is an explanation of why AGSmile is taking no action against RMT buyers, and only once every three weeks will they grudgingly do a bot ban

Real losers are people who buy legit gold for x4 the price having RMTers and forum mods mocking them. Keep this wrist slap punishment and they will keep losing legit spenders.

Forum post made by legit whale^

Personally I stopped spending because legit gold is not worth when they practically allow RMT and I don’t want to touch dirty bot gold.

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agreed and here is another

however i assume that wasnt too me since im diffinatly on the anti train for rmters

The game runs on blue crystals. They are generated from honest swiping. The demand will always reach a price that honest whales can’t refuse.

Even if you choose to punish yourself out of principal there will always be many more who don’t. Your sacrifice might increase the Royal Gold price by 1 gold, but probably not.

Being f2p in Lost Ark is quite the sacrifice. I hope you have 12 hours per day.