Post deleted but no details given

I made a post/topic asking for an update on the monetisation post that AGS said they would be posting before launch and it was deleted with no reason given.

We are 2.5 days away from launch and we haven’t had an update, I think this is abit crazy…

I’m once again going to ask CMs, please give us an update on when we will get this post.


Before release kekw

probably won’t get it until tomorrow, its the weekend

I want this information also. But acting like they removed your post for some mysterious, conspiratorial reason is a bit much. They removed it because you’re the 54th person to ask. No matter that it’s a valid question, it doesn’t need another thread, or an elaborate reason for removing it.


and noone works over the weekend before important launch, right? :slight_smile: I wonder how many SGR empoyees are at work :slight_smile:

^ exactly.

They have time to put up confusing CyFy videos (which mention special currency obtainable ingame that you can use to expand character slots) on official YT but not let ppl know how it (monetization) works so they chose to not buy founder packs (for example).

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If the company is any good and it respects its workers, they shouldn’t be. Regardless if it’s the launch in 2 days or not. They should just be prepared and ready already

If they are going to remove the post it just leads to confusion for those who have commented on it or made the post, most of the time it’s best to lock a post and link to the main thread but that wasn’t done. It’s just lazy moderation.

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It was probably deleted because there is many other post saying the same exact thing.

When your post is hidden, you get notification. As far as I am aware, two of my posts were deleted. No notification. Likely in hope that person will not even know. (But when you notice, you know you hit target.)

Sad thing is that both were actually pretty nice posts as I have been pulling punches.


Yea mine wasnt a bad post either, it was just ‘hey can we have an update its 2.5 days away’ but instead they are posting Top5 videos about how to decide what class to play telling people to look at the skills that do ‘big damage’ :l

It’s almost like they planned when all the information will be released or will not be shown.

I didn’t realize the early access was considered the launch… I thought it was exactly as stated: early access… with the actual launch being the 11th… maybe I’m crazy though.

I believe it was removed due to a leaked screenshot being shared of a shop image. Although the shop image was of an older test build, we didn’t want any confusion.

As for an answer, correct, with it being the weekend nothing will be posted and sadly I do not have an answer for you of if and/or when it will be posted.


It’s still launching the game, so we do consider it a launch.

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oh fair enough. thought I recalled trailers saying it launched on February 11th. with the option to buy a founders pack for a 3 day head start. my apologies then

45 Sec in you can see some items in Shop. This is on Official Lost Ark Youtube Channel.

Helping :slight_smile:

Looks like Crystalline Aura now straight up cost $9.99 instead of crystals. No earning that in game now.

The skins tab being grayed out should’ve hinted to you that this isn’t the live build, but the PTR build. There is no way they are launching without any cosmetics, even beta had cosmetics. This isn’t necessarily representative of the store we will have.

Either way, It’s a hint of information we have given by Amazon Games Officially while showing us an item we can buy / use in the shop.

I guess we will see on Tuesday. I’m Sure a player will show the cash shop for everyone like they did the Plat Skins… Which still have no video on.