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As far as I’m aware this is the only advertised information about NA/EU Shop through official channels. They have not released any other info contradicting this anywhere else. A whisper in complete silence can be deafening. :slight_smile:

This seems odd. Why isn’t it Royal Crystals like everything else that is cash shop only? Hopefully a placeholder and not some quasi split cash shop stuff, that doesn’t work well.

It’s either last-minute for monetization so that the least amount of people will cancel once they see how ripped off they are going to be and hope they don’t notice or they are still ironing out the details. There have been a few very last-minute major features being ported over when they’re ok’d. I would think they would want to have their release build finalized a bit more giving their QA time but since this is all Smilegate they are responsible and from all reports, they are working on it night and day, crunching hard.

Reminder, those are images from an old test build. Not the launch build.

Lol old test build that was used as advertising within the last 48 hours. Hopefully ya’ll can release info that isn’t outdated before it is released in the future. :slight_smile:

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Talking about P2W and more specifically, in-depth endgame gambling systems such as the card system, skin system and the biggest one…the gear upgrade system are a no-no.

I would say look it up, but this is one of the only videos you will NOT find an in-depth guide on in Lost Ark and will have to learn about it after launch. My attempt at explaining it, as well as telling people that +25 enchants are nowhere near needed…got deleted by staff a bit before the thread did. So I’m not gonna explain it again roflmao.

I like how so many videos are like “After you get the upgrade materials, upgrade your gear to X item level” then get more upgrade materials and upgrade the gear to X item level. :joy: