Post stories of annoying and selfish players you come across

I dont know why but i find reading them and posting them theraputic.

Was doing vykas run last night. Get a group and have a pally in my team. First gate is ok. He messes up mechs but we clear because its normal mode.

At one point in gate 1 leader dies and transfers pally leader. He never uses sideral. After clear we wait and all type to him for 5 minutes asking him to pass it back to raid leader. Hes moving around but doesnt respond. We ping him he again is moving but doesnt type or respond. People speak to him in different languages and no response. We typjng him name and pinging on him typing instructions on how to transfer commander. He doesnt do anything.

We agree to back out as that changes raid leader. We do and it gets moved to someone else and pally doesnt have it anymore.

We discuss booting him but decide that its late and we wont have time to wait on new support and can carry him.

Gate 2. We start everyone calls out mech 2 position. He says nothing. We stand in cross for mech 1. He stands on top of me on cross. Try and direct him with pings. No reply. Just stands so we move our positoons to let him be that spot on cross.

Go into gate. First mech starts. He runs around collecting random orbs. We adjust and get past first mech.

Mech 2. He just watches us do orbs and he randomly runs into an orb and dies. And in deskaluda lasers he clearly is iust running because he sees us.

Were happy he dies at orbs because he has no idea about brining poop to side.

Get to gate 3. I ask group to kick him but its late they just want to do it and think they can carry him. I really am annoyed he got vyaks mats for 2 gates for free but group decides to continue.

G3 srarts and swamp mech. Pally has swftness and runs tonthe people making the bridge. We all speed to our death. We all try and convince pally to die early but he doesnt and we run to our death at swamp again.

Finally we decide to boot him but its late and party disbands now im stuck having to find a g3 group.

On clown gate 2. Was with a group of 3. They kept dying. In 20 runs we didnt make it to maze once. I got knocked off once. Between the other 3. Knocked off 19 times.

Id said nothing about them dying but they must have felt concious. One time i get guage and turn to clown and didnt use ability. They all start shouting at me for not cleansing them. I just left group, like i was to blame for the general failures.

Was matchmaking for yoho on alt. Get in with 3 people. 2 of them were together. They both die and use up the lives no pots. I was sick of people doing it so didnt kill it for them. And let myself die.

I matchmake again and get into group with them again. They dont pot and die again. So i die and they start flaming me. Apparently i suck because i cant kill yoho. I kept trying to matchmake snipe them to stop them leeching. But they must have stopped queueing aftet 3rd time.

On alt doing raids. See a guild doing valtan hard. They want a supp or gunlancer. I was on gunlancer.

They are 7 as guild. All 1460+ i put cleanse on nella and bring sacred charm and panacea.

They constantly getting stacks and lines shooting eveywhere. I am using nella and sacred charm like crazy.

Before first orb mech 2 die. I keep playing but didnt realise they transfer leader to me (like its a guild why as the one random player would you ever expect to get leader"

We get to orbs and its too late before i realize im leader. There so pissed “f you” “you ruined the run”

Was funny. Seeing some 1470s legit thinking its like an achievent to reach orbs on valtan gate 1.

Its like you ruiined all our hard work. I laughed and left but just feel like people are getting more and more weird and bad.

Not to mention all the kug players who forgot to use phero and will use twice next run. But then leave after 1 run.

These type of things are happening more and more in my opinion.

well just 1 correction - its not happening more and more!
It is just that with all the Passes and express events the place where all these things you described just moved up first from 1302 to 1370 then to 1415, and now you can see more and more of these players reaching higher content.

Every time there is 1370 Pass - Argos p1 becomes impossible to clear with MM.

But these players were always there and trolling the contents they were participating at, just at lower ilvl

I just song of escape nowadays from guardian raids if the group is blue geared.

Aside from the first few tries rest are good, but having toxic people yelling at new player , because they think they are better is not good.

I guess I’m super lucky to get decent people at MM and we always finish.
The only time it was bad was on my first attempts on Aria.
But since then the people I get in MM group with are nice.

This is why I refuse to get bus and be carried in those raids , because I want to learn to play the game . If people get carried all the time and at some point they have to do the raid themself , they won’t know what to do and get a habit of avoiding mechanics from just watching all the time.

well i came across this one annoying player in challenge abyssal. first thing he did after we entered was check everyone’s engravings etc… he started whining how the berserker player didn’t have mayhem at level 3. “the berserker was a new player” so this guy was just constantly whining over and over again and wanting to quit the dungeon because of the berserker not having mayhem at level 3. he even went afk after he died…

obviously he was a terrible player but he thinks he’s good for some reason? and we did first boss as 3 without him then he kept voting to quit the dungeon. unfortunately last boss requires 4 players for the orbs mechanic. we almost had her at 5 bars but that was the closest before she started the wipe mechanic. we had few attempts as the guy remain afk but we couldn’t and ended up quitting. however he got 3 reports for that so i’m fine with it.

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You can form a triangle and do it with only 3 as an fyi

we tried that but the new player was missing orbs most of the time. he tried but we needed to try to cover his side too but there’s always few orbs end up going in. can’t really catch them all and cover almost 2 sides by myself. but at least he got an idea on how to do it properly but i still feel bad for him to encounter that toxic annoying player crying about his engravings. what a terrible new player experience…

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My husband plays Paladin ,in his first week of playing , his first attempt on a party ended up with player yelling at him for not using his skills properly , when he told them at the start he is new and not fully build yet.

For me was my second attempt on the Aria raid , after we died one of the players yelled at me for doing something wrong , but never said what that was , when I stated in the beginning I’m new, may be it was me using pots and died after them, party was disbanded.

Yet on the next try with different party we cleared it easy without any of us to die , and the players was actually nice.

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