Post Your Engraving Ideas

Hello Lost Ark forum enthusiasts. As you all know we don’t have much engraving options to choose from. So I want to open up a discussion to have people share their ideas hoping that Smilegate snatch a good idea and add it to the game.

I have a few support ones that came up to my mind.

Overflowing Grace:
For every x amount of excess heals are converted into shield with 25%/35%/45% of the excess heal amount. The amount of shield cannot be more than 30% of total HP.

Less is more:
Shield effectiveness is reduced by 50% but it heals the user for 15%/20%/25% of the amount.

Engraving “Get Good”
100% damage increase / 100% additional damage taken.

Grudge players would flock to this calling it OP.


No that’ll break the game LOL please come up with something more reasonable.

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+5/12/25% damage increase to bleed burn and poison


Engraving named syphilis?

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“Grudge players”… There are no “grudge players”. There are players and strange people who don’t want to do damage.


I think some new support engravings would be great, maybe something that breaks up the totem poll of Awakening/Expert/Class

“Entrenched”- Targets with your shields applied do X% 1/2/3 more damage but you shield 15% less
“Mania”- X% CDR 1/2/3 but you move 15% slower

Stuff like that to give supports something else lol

in hindsight those seem like good DPS engravings too

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Lets not derail this thread plz.

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Engraving name: “Absolute Spear”
Description: “There is nothing in this world that this spear cannot penetrate. Weak point damage +1 for 20s/Weak point damage +1 for 30s/Weak point damage +1 for 45s”

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Counter Spirit

Upon a successful counter: get a 70% chance to heal 15/35/50% of your health.

This would force players to learn how to counter more.

Undying Revenge:

Upon losing 50% of your health, gain undying revenge.
Get 10/15/30% attack damage for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

Heaven sent

Upon casting a buff spell to a party member, gain enhanced combat resource regeneration for 6 seconds. Enhanced combat resource allows 15% faster regeneration for health, mana, and specialty meter.

I’ve quit the game but I still read the forums. If something like these would be added, i might just come back


i think some of those “strange player” might be supports ^^

The counter one is quite interesting. I think we have one that gives damage in the game, forgot what it’s called…

This might be a good candidate for lvl1 engraving when going for 333331.

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crushing fist IIRC

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Call me daddy : 10% damage buff to party member for 5 sec every time they are shielded or healed by your abilities, this affect doesn’t stack.

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Undying Revenge can be named “I am bad because I am good”

Since there are no dmg engravings except grudge ( at least some think that way ), I suggest:

  • keen blunt grudge - same effect as before + 1/2 grudge bonus, 2x grudge negative
  • cursed doll grudge - same as above
  • double grudge - self explanatory

And now we have gimp squad ready for Hellshaza.

How about the…
‘I dont know what I am doing’ engraving. For all those that dont know what they are doing.
It gives you 100% damage, 100% shield, 100% health.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


i think there is already a wide varity of normal engravings i think new ideas for maybe 3. class engraving would be more creative

“Life seed”

.001%/.005%/.01% On hit gain back life (base on final attack damage) (10s cooldown)
Above 80% hp: gain 5/10/15% cric

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