Post Your Gaming Setups / Battle stations!

Hi everyone!

I just thought it would be an awesome topic to showcase what our gaming setups / battle stations look like! It’s always awesome to see everyone’s styles and taste in hardware / design.

So the station’s you’re seeing below are what my wife and I will be playing on! :smiley: we both have identical builds side by side.

Super excited to see what everyone else has setup in preparation for Lost Ark!

Setup Details;

Case: Yuel Beast Designs Motif Mobius
Ryzen 5, 3600 (stock)
CPU Heatsink: Noctua D15 Chromax with plates and gold inserts / silver for my wife.
RTX2060 Gigabyte windforce (stock)
16 GB Trident Z Royal 3200mhz RAM
PSU: Corsair SFX 600W Platinum
Cables: Cable Mod Customs
Case fans: EK Vardar X3M 120mm

Mouse: Logitech G305 wireless
Keyboard: Idobao ID80 V2 (silent alpacas switches lubed with Krytox 205g0) keycaps will be replaced soon with dreamscape but the current are the Glorious GPBT sets.
Mics: Audio Technica and Stadium (basics)
Monitors: (top mount is the HP TN panel 144hz at 27" 1920x1080) / (bottom mount is the Gigabyte 34" UW M34WQ 3440x1440)
Chairs: Corsair T3 Rush (probably the most comfy chairs we have used to date)

Looking forward to seeing what awesome setups other people have too!! :heartbeat:


Oh! Did your post get system deleted or was it your own edit? :open_mouth: