Post your Tropical Chamkuri here!

If you got your Day 20 Log in Reward, post your mount here!
Let’s help others decide on which color to pick :slight_smile:

Will edit with a picture of mine once I log in!

Edit: I chose the Soda Chamkuri (Blue One)
Screenshot taken in Stronghold lighting


sure buddy, just give me 8 more hours to pass the queue.

Wow I didn’t know there were still queues, that’s crazy! I’m on EUW and had assumed they had sorted that problem out over on EUC by now :frowning:

I’ve logged in every day, and until tomorrow they don’t give me the Chamkuri D:

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Would be great to see some images.
For now would only be EU West with mount.
Maybe tomorrow many new people will have it.

Yes pls help me to decide. Also: awww cute as fuck.


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