Potential audio bug when switching Deadeye tripods - If it's not a bug, I would love to suggest a small change


I ran across a unique audio cue/effect when playing my Pistoleer Deadeye. I think this may be a bug and I’ll explain why I think that in a bit. First, let me describe the audio “issue” that I found. I made a quick video with timestamps to showcase it here.

I’ll do my best to describe the issue here. On the 3rd tripod section of Deadeye’s pistol ability “Cruel Tracker,” a tripod named “Quick Draw” turns the ability into a combo ability. The combo just adds a singular 2nd shot at the end of the ability. With most of the other tripods selected in the 1st and 2nd tier of tripods, the 2nd shot gets a really nice audio cue/effect. However, when a singular specific tripod is selected, this audio cue doesn’t occur. That tripod is in the 2nd tier and is named “Rapid Fire Enhancement.”

None of the other tripods (including the one that removes the cue) seem to interact with the 2nd shot you gain from “Quick Draw.” I understand translation might not be perfect for the description of these tripods, but I really don’t think any of the tripods even hint at interacting with “Quick Draw” based on their descriptions.

If it isn’t a bug and is working as intended, I would love to see the audio cue/effect added to the tripod in question when equipping “Quick Draw.” The sound cue/effect is really satisfying and somewhat helps smooth out gameplay because it gives feedback when using the combo added to this ability.

I hope this is clear, concise, and courteous. I highly recommend watching the video I provided as it really showcases the topic of this discussion well. Here is the URL not inserted in text Possible audio bug - LOA (Deadeye - Cruel Tracker tripods - Western launch) - YouTube

Loving LOA and I hope this is a productive discussion!

Thanks, athens

EDIT: Looks like the URL doesn’t show up plain as day and is instead using the title of the video.