Potential Class change ticket

Will there ever be a possibility of a class change ticket? Maybe one purchasable per account type deal?

I think this is unlikely that this will be developed, since the classes function very differently from each other and skins and what not can be highly specific as well. Plus, there are merits to playing alts in Lost Ark, so players are more often encouraged to create new characters.


That’s impossible with how the game is built. Each class is setup as a separate entity. Gear is class specific.

you guys giving char.slot in Anniversary? :smiley:

I think part of the argument goes into feeling like their time and resources isn’t being wasted with a character they don’t play anymore

I myself have a 1452 Gunlancer that I’ve just about stopped playing entirely besides being a lopang slave, and even then that’s starting to become less of a reason to log onto the character

And if there was an option just to turn him into another Warrior style class while still keeping all my armor and progress then I would take that and see if I could get more use out of a dead character now essentially

I could just buy new accessories and still have a class I’d maybe play more often

So I do understand the frustration of it all

But I do respect the decision on it not being an option and hope maybe it does change in the future

That does make sense, and I definitely understand the train of thought! But yeah, when it comes to accessories, engravings, and all the other systems that are so class dependent I don’t really see a best path for how something like this would be implemented.

Of course, I could always be wrong and the devs could come up with a way to do this at some point! But I do know it’s not ever been on the table as long as I’ve been around at least, and I’d be surprised to see it.


Never have in KR and never will. Quit being cheap and spend the 10$ if you’re that addicted to the game that you need more than 6 characters.

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Just an idea, but maybe it could work like the gear-transfer that is already in place. E.g. you can buy an Item-Set of 6 pieces for whatever amount of Royal Crystals. The item is Rosterbound and unsellable. You can transfer the gear-progress from the equipped gear to that item and place it in your Roster Storage.

When you make a new char and reach legendary gear, which is quite soon, you can then use the Item-Set and transfer the gearscore saved, onto the new legendary gear. This will of course consume the item, but the gearscore is transferred. Imho this would really help the game, especially with new classes releasing. It really is painful to hone from 0 when there is no express event and even doubly so, if you have dead alts, that you no longer enjoy playing.

as a dev, its not hard

but i doubt the politics will let this go through.

metric will show character creation and the leveling experience being a huge influx of income for them

progression is the business model for this game for some/most users

you’d make engravings go 1:1

accessories would reward you with 125pheons (cost you gold to rebuy)
stone with give you 30 pheons (cost gold to get more)
tripods give you those tripod items with a special one for level 5s
gems I wouldnt worry about, let them resell and buy new

I really predicted that theres one who will oppose and try to be a btch about it.

So this is my roster rn.

Do you think 1 Character Slot will hurt them? like jesus fkin christ man and theres no harm of asking because its ANNIVERSARY. But what do I know maybe I’m just an el cheapo. BRUH

they should atleast give a class exchange for sharpshooter since they deleted the class on recent patch

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We got a different version, Class releases and how the content updates release. would you stop comparing NA/EU to KR. lol

To be perfectly honestly I would just like to see a ilvl transfer, so I don’t have to hone all over again lol. Everything else is a lot easier to acquire then honing from scratch to 1505.

Accessories etc can always be sold and rebought, same as skins.

The time consuming part is the item level and the relic gear set from legion raids

KR players have wanted one and never got one, put as any other region, put the entitlement away when there’s bigger issues at hand.

This is not entitlement

There is a reasons why new or newly revamped classes are still the least played in KR

It’s because it is so expensive to level up a char to akkan right now

You saying as if this new transfer will bring me extra gold or something

You realize that if i can’t transfer i will just wait for the next express or whatever and may not never level or spend on a char

However if i can transfer there is a better chance for me to spend and giving smilegate more profitability

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Reread what I replied to, guy is asking for a new character slot, an entire character swap is also completely ridiculous and shouldn’t even be asked why for in the first place.

why is this ridiculous?

Have you seen the class played % in KR?

should classes just not be played because it’s so expensive to level to the current content?

If you wanna play a class then you need to build and gear it up just like everyone else who played and geared that class, this is what powerpasses/express events are for.

please tell me something i don’t know

do you want to see my roster or something? feels like you are telling me that i don’t play the game

Prolly will never happen, but would be a sick feature where I could revive some of my dead Lopang Alts for sure.

+Second Bard
+3rd Paladin
+2nd Glaivier (yes…)


I understand the reasoning behind why they won’t, since they expect people to swipe to rebuild a char, but the thing is, I wouldn’t have cared to do so anyways. Just not fun having to go through the same push to 1370 (harder now due to Boss Rush restrictions), Argos/Oreha, collecting Relic Sets, etc.

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