Potential issue: "An Express Event that grants special missions to a selected Item Level 1302 character to help them progress to 1370, pairing well with the Punika Powerpass."

This system makes sense in versions of the game that have the global honing buff since making a new character there is a breeze because u basically skip T1 and T2,
on our version of the game on the other hand u are stuck in T1 and T2 without buffs, this Express event being ilvl gated is a huge screw you to new potential players, i really hope you are pulling a “surprise” one day before patch and you will announce global honing buffs.


they are giving you a punika power pass to skip t1/t2

This doesnt work on new users, as i understand the powerpass requires you to have already completed the punika story on another character


right now t1/t2 are apart of the new player experience. you can solo all guardians so its not something you really need a group for. and the t1/t2 abyss dungeons have t3 players in them farming cards.

KR’s first Punika Pass was:

  1. Usable by new players to let them go straight to 1302.
  2. Released with a Hyper Express to 1415 AND a Story Express for T1/T2.

source 1st punika express was 1415 and not 1370.

This is KRs first Punika Pass/Express event:

This is the event before that (which is Feiton pass/1340 express):



This has been my biggest concern since the initial announcement of an upcoming express pass.

For starters, there is absolutely no excuse why we don’t have the Global Honing Buff at this point. We definitely need a better experience for new players.

RU Honing Buff Release: T1/T2/1370/1415 global honing buffs in between Vykas and Clown
JP Honing Buff Release: T1/T2 with Argos, 1370 a month before South Vern, 1415 in between Vykas and Clown

The gatekeeping individuals will likely point out that I failed to mention Korea receiving the honing buff during Brelshaza release, but that’s also because that’s the initial point that the Director announced it. This was his “fix” or “solution” for not only the poor new player experience in T1 and T2, but also the “deadzone” of T3. In his own words, Legion Raids are the true end game and what he wants players to experience. Not only this, but majority of big streams such as Saint, Kanon, Kanima, etc. have all expressed that the Honing Buff should be in game. We’re rapidly approaching a point where new players will have an almost impossible time catching up to play with their friends. Actually, it’s difficult to currently recommend this game to friends knowing that it would take you 2-3 months to catch up! So pray tell, why is Amazon so apprehensive to give the community what will help not only with the overall new player experience, but also player retention? Mind you, I say this as someone with 7 total characters in T3 who would not benefit from this change at all. I just want to see the community thrive.

Since we do not have the Honing Buff though, it’s difficult to climb out of T1 and T2. While I’ve been waiting for the patch, I’ve been manually leveling side characters for card runs and funsies. I can tell you that the leveling and T1-T2 experience is actually pretty awful. Leveling areas are swamped with bots still. T1 and T2 are as well, though, and that’s the bad part. For example, I queued into the T1 Abyss Dungeons last night with matchmaker and had 3 bots. That’s right, I was the only human player. This has also happened during Guardian Raids. Hell, I tried queuing for the 1000 ilvl Turtle on my Gunslinger for fun and had to wait almost 18 minutes for a queue pop!

That’s why it’s bad that this pass only works on T3 characters. Sure, you can say “Oh, they’re giving you a free Punika Pass anyways.” Sure, but this still doesn’t fix the fundamental issues with leveling, T1, and T2. Issues that having the global honing buff would absolutely alleviate. Also, you need to have a character in Tier 3 and they need to have completed the Punika story already for it to work. No T3 Punika character? Well, you had a good run, kiddo. Having to rely on the Punika pass because they don’t want to release the honing buffs feels almost like a slap in the face. Especially in a game that really pushes you to have ALTs.

Also, why the hell are we using 1370 as the stopping point? These types of changes are just weird. Why not just follow the same formula that the other regions use? 1415 should be the stopping point.

Amazon, please. You’ve been preaching all this time about better communication and listening to your community. I love this game and I want it to sustain and succeed. Please listen to us and release the global honing buffs. I would love to hear some genuine feedback from @Roxx


so, you all like to compare stuff and all, but they got the 1415 pass 12 months after argos was released? game released 5 months ago here. you guys really need to chill.

sure there was no 1370 pass? thought I heard zeals said there was a 1370 pass too, maybe I misheard, who knows :>


To be specific content wise (instead of time-wise, remember we’re getting stuff faster), they got the 1415 pass between Clown and Brelshaza.

KR got a Feiton pass and a 1340 express at the point we’re at now, between Vykas and Clown.

But remember that SG apologized for how bad the area up to 1415 was and that it took them so long to do something when they added the honing buffs.

The honing buffs that RU/JP had added between Vykas and Clown (and JP even had some of the honing buffs much earlier).

So really I could see 1415 with no honing buffs making sense, or 1370 with honing buffs. Or 1415 if the pass/express was for 2 classes since it would extend into between Clown and Brelashaza.

1370 with no honing buffs is a big yikes though. KR pace ilv progression wise, but much faster content wise. More work in less time. Higher chance people swipe to keep up. Just milking us.


its confirmed that the powerpass doenst skip t1/t2, you need a character that has already done punika to use it, I think it was confirmed bt roxx

Edit: Found it

well duh?

all express passes weve gotten require you to of done punika. when i say “skip” t1/t2 i mean you skip it on your alt.

But the issue presented by op is that this event is ilvl gated and doest do a thing for potential new players, your response was “they are giving you a punika power pass to skip t1/t2”
op’s talking about new players, why are you talking of us old ones here?

as i said

the tier 1 and tier 2 content is still considered to be “relevent” for new players right now. the games only been out for what 5 months so far. i get that content wise we are well beyond it if you started at launch.

but alot of the new players will want to play through the story. not everyone is a skip-ahead to raiding type of person.

you are basically saying “if I suffered throu t1/t2 the new player needs to suffer too”, t1/t2 content is irrelevant, and you know it, and if you speak about the trashy story, thats true maybe someone will care for it and do it all, they can still give you that option like when we do the prologue or skip it, theres absolutely no reason for t1 and t2 to be required for new players, thats the biggest deterrant for new players, having to play weeks or even months to reach t3


Enough with that. If you want to get with another character to 1370 do everything if not do not do too negative man

i mean your saying suffer but im saying ppl want too do that content.

sure some people hated it, but i enjoyed it. there are alot of people who did infact enjoy the story.

the only thing that sucked was the honing but they atleast give you islands for bulk mats for that.

Don’t understand why bother, why won’t you appreciate what we’ve got, is it just jealousy because other server had different type of pass some years ago? That has nothing to do with our server so stop complaining what you don’t get, time to cope with the fact we play different game on different rules and will not have 1:1 korean server experience (nor russian). Seriously if u hate game so much just don’t play it, and don’t worry about new players, they will manage their way or quit like most of people who started Lost Ark on release, since it’s not a game for everyone.

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Imagine thinking someone being upset and asking for something better is them hating the game. If they hated the game they’d give a shit review and quit, not hop on a community forum and speak out for change. Unlike you, this person clearly cares and wants the game to grow and improve. There’s nothing wrong with trying to help new players, it doesn’t even effect the op directly since they already play.


sounds like a lot of ppl need to