Potential solution to AH problem

I know AGS stated that they’re testing a potential solution to AH problem, but I have one idea that might help as well. I think this is something SG themselves have done ages ago in KR.

Basically the idea is to disallow new players from making characters on certain servers (by new I mean your first ever character, not second/third etc.). As an example let’s use Thirain and Zinnervale on EUC. You basically close the servers and take a few weeks to ban all bot accounts on those servers. Once all bot accounts are gone you merge the two servers into 1 big server that’s completely free of bots. You repeat this process with all servers. Only leaving couple of servers that are open.

Once in a while you close those server, ban the bots and merge them into different servers that were closed and cleaned previously. Obviously you can’t keep doing this forever, but it’s a good solution for couple years. If the technology is there you could also implement server transfer for RC, but that would obviously have to be manually reviewed to make sure bots don’t use it. What do you guys think? I hope I explained this in a good way?

Also, @Roxx is it something that team is potentially willing to do? Is it kind of solution that already came up perhaps?

New bots will be born in a day or 2. This aint the solution. Also, if a friend of yours wanted to play in that server, they aint going to wait for a week. Time is gold; is progression.

Addition to this is that KR version required an ID or Security Number to create an account. Unlike to NA/EU version that has a free invite for BOT DEVS.

Already posted this idea, and they do it in KR but not for bot reasons, just to actually control player traffic

I feel like there would be a ton of problems if they did this. It would be way to easy for items or characters to be lost with all these merges.

Well, maybe they can do it here not for player traffic control, but to combat bots?

There were multiple servers merged already and I don’t remember any major issues with that beside long maintenance?

What about this? Another solution I was thinking about

That’s what I explained in my post

I mean, one solution that I thought about would be to… reset the servers daily

Think about it, reset the servers daily, it kicks the bots off every day

It would be a minor inconvenience for us, just know they do it at the same time every day and plan around it

Or do it every dew days without much warning, would catch the bots off guard

For the bots though it would be hours before they’re back up and running

Do it long enough, it may do something

It’s better than the nothing we have right now

Okay Bryan

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how does this help or stop anything?
The servers belong to a region
the market/ah is region wide
so if you stop people making characters on server A and have it so they can only create characters on server B the market/ah still has an issue as both server A and B are part of the same auction house/market

lol? 1-2 hours to restart servers everyday yea that’s not a solution it’s a bandaid at best, the fact that maintenance every week takes as long as it does is kind of a joke add to that the fact that patches aren’t pre-downloaded it makes it even worse, in this day and age they shouldn’t be releasing 15GB of patch data monthly when the servers are coming backup it should be pre-downloaded days in advance.

The thing is we’re at the point where there’s ONLY bandaid fixes

Closing off servers is a big no no as we’ve already seen and they refuse to do

I at least came up with something that’s possible for them to do

Is it the right choice? No

Is it the one we all god damn deserve? Probably

they could tie gold reward to roster and probably the # of search you can do per minute whatever the ratio is, scaling rewards, could have a cap at not so high lvl, it could serve as a minimum treshhold for some better perks too, i think roster is the key to stabilize some of which interaction we could do but they also could exploit reward a lot more rewarding, they could had some skins and and be more generous with it

they could also have another system not tied on roster or tied with it, that would reward long term players

they dont have to give that much to player that is necessarly game impacting they could but if they dont want, very nice and rewarding cosmetic would be nice too.

same for achievements there is nice titles but i feel cosmetic or other recognisable visuals earned from great exploit would be awesome, titles is nice but we can only have ‘‘one’’, exemple for the highest difficulty of legion raid or next raid for the deathless they could make some wings, like valtan or vykas or clown baby wing, 2 of valtan vykas clown, medium wing, all 3 of them done bigger wing could have glow, and while having these you could display whatever other title you have, few ideas that would be cool

I’d suggest restricting access of new players to AH selling for 2 weeks
New players generally buy stuff instead of selling stuff
if bots can’t sell for 2 weeks and it takes 2 weeks to ban them then we have an option to starve them

Will not help at all, bot accounts are created automatically.
Lets say they implement that feature then we have just 2 weeks without bots.

I would just generate a few thousand bot accounts every day so their “timer” is ticking, and in 2 weeks i have a batch of fresh accounts every day without your restrictions. Your suggestion just adds a one-time delay of 2 weeks.

Don’t suggest this to a team that doesn’t understand operations. It doesn’t make sense

how about hardware bans then?

yeh but the cost of implementing this solution far outweighs its benefits

you gotta think from SG perspective, KR where their core focus is has not much of botting issue. Global version to them is probably not worth the hassle, esp considering how our populations have dwindled much over the past months.

It sucks to be the side *****, but once you set your mind straight it aint so bad.

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