Potential Strategy for Targeting Bots: High Churn Accounts

Hey peeps,

I noticed something rather strange when looking at my recent Steam achievements.

How do we have so many concurrent players (800k+ :rofl:) yet so few with less than 50 hours played?


Steam cant tell the difference between bots and actual players so they should be accruing the same achievements as real users, no?

The only way this makes sense is if the botters have immense churn, burning and recreating bot toons likely to help avoid detection somehow.

I wonder if a solution could be to target accounts with abnormally high churn rates.

IE: if an account displays a pattern of deleting & recreating toons, freeze the account. Or at least flag it for additional scrutiny.

I’m sure there wont be any one solution to this multi-faceted problem but it might help at least alleviate some of the ques that are preventing many of us NA West players from even logging in at the moment.

Just thinking out loud in an attempt to improve the situation. Feedback appreciated!