Potion-Storage maybe?


because it really sucks to create potions every time on every character can we maybe get something like this?

Ignore the german names it’s all about the “Potions” Tab


i would love this, roster potions

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I would appreciate it for battle items too, I need whirlwind grenades and destruction bombs on all chars since too many ppl don’t use any and don’t use according skills (hello stagger check).


This is actually an exceptional idea.
This should be in game feedback though.

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This was just to show an example, of cours with battle-items & potions, but mainly please with potions, it’s just exhausting to open these with every single character i’m playin with.

Many times i switching to another character without having any potions because i simply forget to get some.

Would be awesome if any CM can change the categorie to feedback

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This would be awesome and I cant see a reason its not already in the game.

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I totally agree I wanted to make a post about this I got 6 alts and I want to have all my potions in roster storage and used from there. Also I believe they should make that u can put items roster storage and make them “bound” untradeable this way u can’t abuse market and I don’t want to pay pheons for my own gear to put on alts its stupid, just make the gear untradeable once u put it in roster storage.

Cant you just use roster storage for the potions crafted ones arent bound?

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I think the point is you don’t have to go through the hassel of manually refilling each character. The goal is to have potions etc. as centralized resource - sort of like Gold or Crystals.

Can you imagine how much hassel it is to move gold over from one character to another just so they can buy something from the AH (since some of it is bind on purchase)?

i always forgot to take my potion on storage so i think this is good idea

I’ve noticed leveling alts some sudden quests reward very good items. Purple potion, time stop items, etc.

A lot of those early rewards would have to be changed.

No, because you already get those on you main and your alts too (if you do the quests). If they are bound they will be still bound in your inventory.
Your comment makes no sense. Why would they have to change it when you already get these items on all characters? Nobody creates alts to farm “potion” side quests.

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This is an awesome idea! +1

Actual good idea holy moly.

yeah. and then they lose a money resource. because less people would pay to expand their bank and roster storage. nobody is that stupid

Why wouldn’t it just be an addition like the way it is now. No reason to pay.

Don’t have to jump straight to negativity in an instant.

It won’t get added…but it’s a fun idea.