POV: At War With Bots (short story)

Disclaimer: This is just for fun, not serious criticism or anything. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

You open your eyes slowly wondering how long you’ve been out. Your vision is blurry but soon returns. It’s dark out and you’re surrounded by debris. You can hear the cries of battle raging on in the background. “Damn those bots”, you think. Why did they have to invade your server? You begin to wonder if any of your friends managed to survive the queue the bots assaulted you with. “No time to think about that”, you tell yourself. Looking around, you find your weapons nearby, grab them and get to your feet.

Just as you begin to consider your options, two bots appear from behind a building. They notice you immediately and prepare for battle. One wields a massive sword larger than his own body, and the other brandishes a bright glowing staff. However, a bots most dangerous weapon is it’s telepathic abilities. Sure enough, they begin the fight by assaulting your mind. Spamming it so full of noise you can barely form a thought.

You do your best to resist, this is what you have trained for after all. As the bots begin to advance closer, you raise your weapon and with all your focus blast them with your report button. By the grace of the gods your shots hit their mark and the bots fall over, incapacitated for now. You can never truly defeat them. How do you kill that which has no life?

Now you hear helicopters approaching from the skies. “Reinforcements!”, you exclaim. General Amazon must have received the distress signal you sent when the Great Queue began. Behind the helicopters you see a very large bomber plane, seemingly barely staying aflight under its own weight. You know exactly what this bomber carries and a chill runs down your spine. Things must be worse than you feared if the general has already resorted to this.

You begin running as fast as you can away from the impending doom. Once you are a reasonable distance away from the main battefield you turn to look. The bomber has started to unleash its payload. VPN Bans rain fiery death from above destroying all in its path. You watch as thousands of bots fall, but also notice some of your friends that were less fortunate than you. OCE players you had bonded with over the last few months lie helpless in the wake of the destruction. Their ping far too high, and rubberbanding with no hope for escape.

There is an eery silence after the bomber and helicopters leave. You whisper a prayer that your fallen friends sacrifices may not be in vain. Then you hear rattling and banging off in the distance. You know its more bots on their way. Some on the ruined battlefield are even beginning to recuperate already. You take a deep breath and reload your weapons. A few others managed to also escape the devastation and you join up with them to prepare. “War truly is hell”, you think to yourself finally closing your eyes to get what little rest you can before the next battle.

To be continued… (maybe)


The queue is really taking a toll it seems :joy:


Gotta pass the time somehow!

this deserves ffar more recognition xDD please i need more

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

great short story… wish it were longer Xd

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yeah me too! Do you have more stories? where can i sign up?

Thank you guys! Sorry its not long enough haha. I just had the idea and decided to actually write something for once instead of forgetting about it.

If I write a sequel I’ll put more effort in xD