Power express Event on Wrong character


So first thing when I got on my main I saw the power express event and I saw all the T3 rewards so I chose my main. What I didn’t see was all the T1 and T2 mats that are also there, and they are all bind when obtained for whatever reason (why bound them?) so I chose the wrong character because the information was not properly expressed or displayed. What really like to choose a different character. I also didn’t claim any of the rewards.

Region: NA West
Server: Mari
Name: Goldenguard

Hi @goldenguard227, I hope you are having a great day.

First of all I’m sorry it took us so long to response your post, all the available information regarding the power express event you can find it here Update to the Express Mission Event, please keep an eye on that post for further details.

You can always check the official news section and see all the new updates on the game.

Enjoy the lands of Arkesia!! :mage: