Power pass Bugged

I just got my powerpass by doing the main quest, i activated it but when i went to the character selection menu, i doesnt show it. It doesnt say that i dont have one, it just doesnt show it.

I’m in Aldebaran server, my main character is koldd.

Hi @Kold95

I’m very sorry for the delay in responding to your post!

If you still have the issue with the power pass, I like to confirm if you follow the following information to use the power pass correctly.

When you have done all the Ealyn’s gift quest you have to get a e-mail with the power pass and active it, after you have activated the power pass then you go to the character selection and there you hit the power pass button and then select the character you want to use, once you have done that your character appears in Trixion with Beatrice and then you have to follow a sequence of missions to be able to level up and pass a summary of the whole story to Vern or you can also skip to skip all this to appear in Vern with the character already at level 50.

I will be waiting for you confirmation if you still have the issue or this was solved! :wolf: