Power Pass character without world quest ( Main )

Hi, I used the power pass to start playing a different character, but I can’t do World quests on that character in any way, is there any way to transfer the quest from other character?


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Thank you very for your approach and welcome to the Lost Ark Forum World.
I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

Which server is your character on?

Looks like you’re having a similar issue with Galatur server, that has been already addressed to our dev team, thus they’re already aware about the inconvenience that causes to players.

In the meantime while they fix or patch that issue I encourage you to follow this official communication from one of our CM: Galatur Account Issues

Patience is a virtue, regards,

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Server Kadan

The exact same thing is happening to my alt after I used the power pass, also playing on kadan

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Same thing. Please fix this ASAP, been wondering how to transfer the world quest from my main to my new main only to learn it was a bug…

@Roxx ETA for the fix… ?
My server is also Kadan

Same on Kazerus

I am also having this issue

Character: Juggernaughty
Server: Enviska

I have the same problem where I can’t see world quests on my alt, although for me the game automatically completed the next area (Shushire) with 31% Adventurer’s tome completion and all triports activated as well.

same character : Protopunch
server : Trixion

Same problem here !

I started the game with a soso ( name : Azzervi ) , i created a berserker ( name : Azzervî ) and used the powerpass on him and i can’t do the WORLD QUEST on this character …

Can you fixe the problem please ?

Name of the character who don’t have the world quest : Azzervî
Server Name : Zinnervale

thanks !

same character : Bassyb
server : Valtan


I’m having the same issue! Powerpass character but no blue/world quests available.

Server: Regulus
Name: Cyella

I think all world quests get completed up to Shushire even though the powerpass is given when being done with Vern… its weird but it is what it is.

Gotta get higher item level to get the next world quests I believe?

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anyone can confirm this? yeah i notice that shushire is done on the alt even though i didnt complete it on my main

I plan on changing mains right now. do i just progress ilevel to 460 to unlock the next world quest?

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Just used the Vern Pass to create a new alt character to 50 , i only have 2 purple quests : GUIDE-Rohendel and a starter tutorial purple one and the Findind the ARKS Orange one , no blue quests.

Server Zinnervale
Char name : Lightouch

I have the same issue. All the quests in shushire are already completed for me even though I havent done them on my main. All my triports except for the one at castle vern are deactived.

character: hadesvip
server: kharmine

Same issue, didn’t complete the Shushire quest on my main, and yet it is completed on my alt. Got no other world quests at all, which is annoying.

Character : Kraerd
Server : Calvasus

Thank you

I have triports activated on north vern only. Anywhere else in the world, my triports are deactivated. Is that the same for you?

None of my triports are available not even the starter areas :confused: but main concern is no more blue main quest.

EDIT : Guildies told me that I need gs 460 for everything to be unlocked from that point forward , that might be it :slight_smile:

same here
Server: Slen
Character name: Stropeala
SteamID: 76561198242745206