Power Pass character without world quest ( Main )

This is correct so for my case i have the purple quest Guide : Rohendale required GS 460 to start the adventure so when I hit that gear mark and go to the port it unlocks everything as on the main.

It was a bit confusing but a guildie explained it to me , hopefully people will understand now.

hey bro my account problem world quest dont see…
server procyon
karakter 1 ghostbreaker
karakter 2 brokermage

Used the power pass, the char shows that he has all quests completed in shushire. There are no quests for me to do, no equipment to do any dungeons. I’m stuck.

Server: Thirain
Char: Zhead

Same issue here

Server: Procyon
Char: Kalandur

I am also having this issue

Character: Bugsorceress
Server: Valtan

I managed to fix this by finishing Sushire on my old character, then getting 460 item level on my power pass character and visiting queen Ealyn to get the quest to go to Rohendel.

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same character : DuffWee
server : Valtan

Same problem here
Server: Kadan
nick: Cinolek

Same here:
Server: Avesta
Name: Wobblybuffet

Ahh thank you, I was really confused about Shushire being completed :smiley:

Be sure to talk with the QUEEN after you hit that required GS she will then unlock the adventure.

Well its normal that the Quest is already done up to the point your pass takes you to. Its the Same in RU. You cant do it on boosted Charakters

I am having the same issue

Server : Nineveh
Name : Fennzoid

Same here
Server: Una

Same problem with my alt:

Server: Zinnervale

I am having the same issue

Server : Violedi
Name : Thirain

character Waikaya
server NA west Enviska
i like my alt more and wanna main it but cant do the quest on her instead
thank you

Seems to be a major problem that EVERYONE is having! I’m having it also.

Server: Valtan
Name: Aziltec

Same issue
Server Avesta
Character name: Apheanemer

Same problem
Server: Mari
Character name: Cafesua