Power pass does not work

I won the power pass and used it but it’s not showing up so I can use it.

power passes are temporarily disabled due to a bug that the devs are aware of and trying to fix

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Hello @Elucidatork9,

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This is to let you know that all power passes are currently disabled. We expect it to be back online by next week’s reset.

Kindly refer this post for better understanding:

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Would you happen to know an minimum ETA on our powerpasses becoming available again?

I’m trying to determine if I should start honing a new character and safely assume it might be a while for powerpasses to come back.

Thank you!

Hello @Wadabuda,

I am sorry but there is not specific date known to us which we can share to you right now.

Also, like I said before we expect it to be back online by next week’s reset and that’s all I can say for now.

Hope this information helps you! :magic_wand:


After the weekly reset and powerpasses still not working, is there any more recent official information regarding this issue and when it should be finally resolved so that powerpasses are back online and working?

Yes EUC Power Passes aren’t available either. Any explanations?