Power pass expired?

Hey Fanduh,

if you could spare a moment, maybe you could clarify what you mean by: “this is a known visual bug”. Is it known by the devs and they just couldn’t find the time to fix the bug? Or do you mean it in a sense, that it is widly known in the community and everyone is aware? Because that would be a false assumption, as it was news to me, that “no limit” is a visual bug.

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Hey there @Vexaria

This bug has been acknowledged by the team as the same situation happened with the previous free Punika Powerpass, as highlighted in this post from back then:

As of now all free Powerpasses besides the 2 North Vern ones have been set to expire at some point.


But Fanduh,

You can’t expect every player to read every topic on game feedback.

If you guys acknowledged the issue, why not release an official note in the official channels?

We can’t be expected to keep up with every topic in this forum just to know the issues in the game.

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But the info of the expiration date is there an it’s the right one.

Info from CM’s is replying to post like this one asking for this bug, not an Official New so you are not gonna find it at Office News topics.

You also could see more information not only that, the description of the power pass before using it said that it will expire today

That is truly unfortunate and would explain why I never learned this before. So far I’ve always used the event Powerpasses during the event-period. I hope for your and our sake, that this bug will be fixed in the future as it creates a lot of unnecessary confusion, emotions and work.
Thanks for your quick answer.

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If you knew that there was supposed to be an expiration day because THEY SAID IT IN THE PATCH NOTES but then you saw something that say other thing then you should ask here in forums, or search a bit for info, because as you can see, they clarifyed it

how could we know? if it isn’t listed as a bug by the patch notes.

nobody is obligated to follow every CM’s reply, the important news should be released on the official channels, such as the “Official News” in this forum or the site.

as i said, after the use, that was the information that was persistent, so it’s shouldn’t be a problem to take it as the truth, since the problemas was never acknowledged in any official channel

the problem isn’t to the costumer to address, i’m a player of the game, if i have seen info in the game, i would trust it. if it can’t be trusted, it should be told to me, not that i would have to ask to confirm.

You should stop debating with this obvious troll as he can’t grasp the main aspect of this discussion (or pretends to play the dumb fanboy).

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The main aspect of this discussion is that they gave you many ways to confirm the bug and you have many sources that confirm the date expiration right while you only had one source of wrong information and you are asking for a compensation or arguing about something that it’s clearly your fault. That’s the main aspect

I guess this visual bug was not important enough to be fixed when you had over a month and more to fix or maybe fucking warning if the devs can’t be bothered.

If this visual bug had affected the shop then it would of been a all hands on deck instant hotfix but nah who cares if the customer get’s the raw end nothing is clear from the devs.

A new punika pass would be great for the reaper which is what i had mine applied and was going to lock in.

Jesus seems like you are here ONLY to troll and stir shit up, half the post here are from you alone.

Get a life

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As I stated, I am convinced he is an Amazon employee to divert the problem from the game to a fight.

Honestly, I spent the pass as soon as it came out. Scared of mergers 16 hour maintenance and bot exploit pass locks. I remember using it and having an emergency maintenance sign come out within 5 minutes.

I don’t mean to say that they tempted fate. But they were optimistic.

So this is now the second time this problem has happened? Why wasn’t it resolved after the September pass? In game, the visual error still persisted, leading to this same situation. Until the actual in game notifiers are fixed, new passes should be provided to players. It’s not reasonable to expect players to check an external source and learn of the bug when the game itself is telling them there is no issue holding the pass.

This is a bad experience, opposite of Customer Obsession. There’s a thread asking for clarification on this from AGS for 10 days without a single reply:

Also the reply from @Fanduh is incorrect. They said the power pass would expire and this is correct, the ticket-item was marked as expired on Oct 26th. I used my ticket before Oct 26th, and it gave me the benefit to apply it to a char “without expiration”.

Can we please restore the tickets and give it at least another week. I’m opening a ticket with Amazon

Hello @Soij

Unfortunately that post was created in the General Discussion section of the forum, where it’s likely to not be seen by us support staff that are mostly in the Game Support section.

Again as mentioned above the expiration of the Powerpass even if you claimed the ticket is intended, the only way to keep one of these free Powerpasses past the expiration date is by applying it to a level 1 character and keeping it in Trixion without selecting a specialized class, apart from that, the “No expiration” message in the login screen is an error, and the expiration on October 26th intended. Sorry for the confusion.

As of now we don’t have a way to restore expired Powerpasses.


Obviously it was an error, so you must understand there was a mistake, don’t you?
As of now, I am pretty sure you have a way to restore powerpasses, you just said it to shut him up. So unprofessional.
Also, new characters start at level 10. Or was that supposed to be another truthful information from this forum?

Hello @Markos.

Characters that haven’t had a specialized class applied to them (e.g. an Assassin that hasn’t been set as Deathblade or Shadowhunter yet) stay at level 1 in Trixion, if a Powerpass is applied to them then you can keep the effects for as long as you want, as long as they stay in that state.

Regarding the Powerpass expiration topic, Community Manager Roxx mentions in this post that this visual bug has been escalated so it’s priotized and we can prevent this misunderstanding in the future.

That is all the information we have about this topic at the moment, I will be closing this thread now to prevent any unproductive arguing between players.

See you in Arkesia!