Power pass for scouter

Imma Assume we don’t get a PP with the scouter? cus i am not gonna lie i feel kind of cucked now cus of the 2 month release schedule on classes i expected scouter in august with its on express event/PP Not that im not happy with an earlier scouter release cus i really wanna play this class , but i feel kind of cucked having used mine now the punika one when I could have saved it for the scouter can we get an answer to this or am i just being early to the party and we do get one? since the current express ends 28 sept? @Roxx

90% sure we get a powerpass and express event with him, probably a 1415 express at that

Destroyer thinks otherwise.

He’s not coming before the old events ends. 28. September

Destroyer got cucked too

i hope your right but i doubt it if all the other classes we came a month after one another did get one but the once that released 2 months after one another LM/Arcanist etc then if scouter release in sept then i doubt we get another pass BUT i hope your right on the 1415

Destroyer did come out directly after LM/Glaiver before their new release cadence.

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I feel like the powerpass would have been worth mentioning in roadmap, if it was included.

Destroyer didnt get one, ur beat

thats what i though as well and since they didnt… im not expecting it

According to CMs there is no new release cadence, but due to reworks on Destroyer it got pushed back and happened to be back to back releases. Either way they also mentioned that not every class will come with a pass. So my guess is they will alternate passes, especially now that they have (disabled)paid powerpasses. So the pessimist in me says they will release “hype” classes without powerpasses to push sales.

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We were already told that the current passes would not apply to the new class specificly that they said no new advanced classes would come with the 2 passes.

Theres a CHANCE we might get a pass but they ALSO stated that NOT every class will have a pass associated with it. Moreso now that they have BUYABLE passes.

I’m pretty sure Roxx already said there wouldn’t be a class before end of ticket. I would also not expect an express ticket right after we got one for arcana. They are not treating NA/EU the same.

You can try to use the pass on a gunner base class i believe and just sit it in trixion until the class comes out and then choose said class. I do not remember if they eventually go away or not. Someone can potentially provide more info if they have done this

I don’t think it will happen. 99% sure they will greed us and try to force/encourage people to swipe.

Some did it on destroyer and worked, they shouldn’t expire once applied. However it also wouldn’t surprise me if they patch that method out.

So it would seem, if you can afford to buy store punika pass, to make a lopang alt or something you are interested in pushing to 1370 with express event. You will lose the mats from 1310-1360, but anything that is in boxes from the event (most of the 1370) is roster bound not char bound.

Make express alt, save all the roster bound books/mats, then use store punika pass to save a base 1302 gunner.

Still kinda sucks, pending don’t get free pass, cause you lose out on like a stack of armor/wep stones and about 300+ leaps. You’d at least have all the 1340 and 1370+ books waiting for you though. Least ones not on timers.

personally, it just makes sense to do that. Especially with 1460-1475 being where they will want the majority of their players, including those players having alts / second characters in those ranges. I highly doubt it will be higher than 1415 BUT it might be 1430.

Im prob a masochist but i dont plan to use a power pass on mine, im gonna do legit every single side quest and guide quest i run into 1-50 lol
Honestly, im glad id idnt buy one for my Arcanist i’de be regreting it right now lol. but yeah im sure we’ll have one

Maybe it’s too early to say this.
Just wait next month and see if they give us NEWS.
Btw if there’s not a PP i gonna buy it for my scouter idgaf xD

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I get to buy skins again

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