Power pass help please

So I claimed the first power pack and created a 2nd character. When I logged into it i got the 2nd power pass for my 3rd champion. I am trying to use that 3rd power pass that says “Powerpass Available” but when i click on it, it says “you do not have a Pass and therefor cannot use one.”.
What happened?

did you get it from your in game mail? i heard it gets sent there

Yeah the both that i got came from in game mail and have already been added to the account but the 2nd one isnt working for some reason


I’m not sure if they Limited it 2 due to Server problem and Queue or Try restarting the game again.

yeah tried that, whats annoying is literally 15 mins before i went to make my 3rd character, my room mate made his and then mine didnt work ( i think it has something to do with them not allowing character creatation at the moment

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Try again at the end of day if it doesn’t work then its there server side.

same bug here, server Trixion

Same bug. I didn´t get the second mail with power pass. But in the char selection page it say that I have a power pass. But I just can´t use. Please help! Fix this. We lost all days because of it!

I am having an issue with just using my first one. I posted earlier about how I get a window with no image and a 0 in place, nothing happens when I try to use it. I consumed it on my main, then made my character, chose its destiny, etc. Nothing…

hey zerume I had the same issue but I just managed to fix it by switching to “very high” graphics settings and restarting my game. hope that works for you

has this issue been addressed at all? Is it a bug or what?

Okay so turns out its not the same as making the 2nd character. For the 3rd character you need to create the base class, use the power pass and then it will take you in to chose the spec of the class