Power pass is not being enabled

I recently got the power pass, but I can’t use it on my characters, is there any error

or bug?

Hi there @lukasfire001, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

At the moment, Powerpasses are disabled while the team investigates an issue related to them.

More details here: Powerpasses Temporarily Disabled

On that same post, you’ll be able to see updates about this.

I hope this clarifies your concern, let me know if anything else. Stay safe! :smiley:

Oh, thanks for the info!
Do we know what the issue is and when it should be solved roughly?


Just the same details that Roxx shared on the original post, an unintended issue of the powerpass. At the moment, there’s no ETA for this, but the team is working on it to fix it ASAP.

I’ll make sure to bring you updates as soon as there’s any. :wink:

so, none then :frowning:
Thanks for the reply nonetheless


Hello folks.

Just an update regarding powerpasses:

I used the free powerpass while it was disabled because I did not see the notification that it was disabled until later on. Now that it has been enabled, I did not see a powerpass available to use on my alts. Please advise on what to do to resolve this. I have tried restarting, logging in and out, still no powerpass to use on my account.