Power pass just disappeared

Hi there, I came back the last week and I found out that there’s a hyper express event, so I used the punika power pass that AGS gave to everyone to create the new class “Machinist” but when I want to use it on the new character it doesn’t let me use it, it’s like I don’t have it, anyone that faced with this issue?

the event powerpass that came with machinist expired on Oct 26th i believe

Yeah AGS pulled a stunt where the ticket said it expired out of your inventory on 10/26 but once used it said it had no expiration. They claim it was a “visual bug” and was always supposed to expire on the 26th because thats what patch notes said. Rather than be class acts about it and fix their wrong, they are going full 180 and being slimebags. They expect you to read every line of patch notes and every forum post in here, because nothing in game is true. Its our fault for the game saying something different.

So in short you are screwed and its gone. Sorry mate and welcome to the club.

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Sadge, I wanted to try that class tho, I’ll wait for reaper then