Power Pass misinformation

So basically I’ve been leveling on a seperate server from all my friends because the information everywhere (at the time) was that you can use the Power Pass on a seperate server.

My friends played on Valtan and on release it was too full, they bought the founders pack so they were already end game and I just wanted to play without waiting to catch up to them, so I played on a seperate server and made a decision to use the Power Pass on Valtan later when the game wasn’t so hectic since the release had people overflowing the servers.

The information has now changed and you CANNOT use the Power Pass on seperate servers.
I cant be the only one that fell for this misinformation and I feel like I just wasted my time going through the shitty main quests for no reason, just to have to do it again (Im not, rather quit the game)

Any solution? or is the only solution to wait for better cross-server play to really play with friends, or to quit the game in general

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First of all let me apologize for this awful situation.

About the PowerPass, even if is in the same region, you can not use your pass to boost the first character in a different server, however, if you have not used your PowerPass yet and lvl up a character in a different server, you will be able to split your Powerpass (one in the original server and one in the secondary).

Here you have how the Powerpass works for a better clarification:

  1. Power Passes are limited to 2 per region (2 on US-West, 2 on US-East, 2 on EU-Central, 2 on SA-East) as regions are treated as separate accounts.

  2. Within those regions, using a power pass will automatically grant you a second one that can only be used on that specific world that you used the first on.

  3. Important: If you do not use your first PowerPass, you can level to max on a separate server within the same region and get a PowerPass. However, when you do this, using that powerpass will not grant you a second to use as you have hit your region max of 2 but split it over two worlds.

Hope I was able to help you out!

See you in Arkesia! :honeybee:

Ya I got all that information, just 2 weeks too late. There’s absolutely no way an admin can just delete all my characters and Power Pass and give me 1 Power Pass onto Valtan? Because 100% no way I’m going through the quest grind again lol